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Average rating: 5 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 6 (from 104 reviews)

6 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 6     (42)

5 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 6     (36)

4 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 6     (13)

3 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 6     (6)

2 out of 62 out of 62 out of 62 out of 62 out of 62 out of 6     (3)

1 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 6     (4)

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Latest Oriana Reviews

User Rating: 6 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 6
Date: 12 Mar 2019
Summary:  Went on the ship for very first time and loved it wish I had found it earlier. Now lost it altogether as it’s going to be a casino what a shame. Never had such nice staff and very relaxed feeling to the ship. I want to go on last cruise but on own and the price for single is double.
User Rating: 5 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 6
Date: 13 Feb 2019
Summary:  The person who wrote about Oriana breaking down, forgot to mention we were all compensated £100 each AND given free champagne with dinner. HOT FOOD WAS available ( we had ckkoed breakfast) and a Arbeque was provided on deck 13. As the lifts were out crew carried anyone who could not walk up to 13 if they wished to go. The power was off for 6 hours on many decks and 8 hours on others.Yes we went to a port we had already visited, but surely that was better than breaking down again. It was a major problem and was resolved. Stop whining and get on with life.
User Rating: 5 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 6
Date: 13 Feb 2019
Summary:  Why do people moan about noises in cabins. You are on a ship, it’s metal it’s ploughing through the ocean, you will get noise. The Oriana is an old ship, but we had the best entertainment ever, the food as always was good, the crew as always were helpful and polite. Forus tge only downside was the Captain didn’t seem to join in. For Instance hristmas evem crew choir and Captain came to watch ( although he stood at back) he was invited to join the crew, and quickly scuttled off. Even if he couldn’t sing he could have mimed. Most captains move around tge ship but he wasn’t seen. I know there were one or two problems but onlyeffected a couple of days at end of cruise, and again crew were marvellous. We sail all the time with P&O and prefer adult only ships, but as for age ,you should have seen them dancing tge nights away on the decks . No age problems there. Will miss the Oriana when she goes.
User Rating: 5 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 6
Date: 18 Jan 2019
Summary:  Good value excellent entertainment
User Rating: 2 out of 62 out of 62 out of 62 out of 62 out of 62 out of 6
Date: 13 Jan 2019
Summary:  Where should I begin,but to say that it was the worst cruise my husband and I have EVER taken and we have been on many!! is an understatement. I was reduced to tears and my husband very cross that in the whole sorry episode,everything took so long to get anything sorted out. We were treated extremely badly at reception and kept awake in a dreadfully noisy cabin that shook and rattled and banged all night. It took 4 days to get moved and no-one helped us move or checked to see if we had managed at 2am in the night to do the whole move all by ourselves or whether we were settled in the new cabin. Then after a further couple of days, in the new cabin we had the most horrendous noises coming from the outlet fan in the bathroom which took them days to fix. The food was cold to mediocre each evening in the MDR. Two people on our table , one evening, resorted to requesting just a plain omllete!!,on its own, as their food had been so poor each evening previously. The ship broke down, we had no use of toilet facilities, lights or heated food. Returned to an original port we had already stopped at to pick up engineers and therefore missed one of the ports we should have called at,( but that involved everyone on the ship, not only our gripe.) it just added to the state of affairs of the 16 day trip. I waited Hour after Hour in the room for telephone calls that were promised, as the Oriana does not have any answer machine facilities in the cabins, I missed evening meals,(waiting by the phone) the theatre one evening,waiting, waiting, only to find out that the Assistant MANAGER WHO HAD PROMISED TO CONTACT ME,( RE:- MOVING OUR CABIN) that night, , HAD GONE TO BED!!! and left no message apparently, for anyone else to deal with the issue. NEED i GO ON, THIS WAS A PRE-70th birthday present for my husband, which turned into a disaster and made us wish we had not left our family to take a cruise on P & O. P & O's Saving grace was the entertainment which was usually of good standard in the main Theatre, the dancers were excellent but not to be said in the Pacific lounge where people sat with their coats on, it was so cold and the lighting person, embarrassed many a performer by getting it wrong!! both lighting and technical issues, where singers had to re-start their routine because the whole thing was out of sync.! I should mention that I did finally get to speak with Assistant Custom Relations Officer, who did take the time to listen and try to sort issues out for us, he did speak with shore side office about the situation. but your question was, what did we think of our last cruise, and the answer is.... We wished we hadn't gone. Extreme waste of hard earned cash.
User Rating: 4 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 6
Date: 19 Dec 2018
Summary:  The 28 day cruise to the Caribbean was good, A mistake on our part maybe, Oriana is one of P&O's adult only ships - we took that to mean no children (which it did) the average age on our cruise was 74.5 years and this had an effect on the fun/holiday spirit we have experience on other cruises. The itinerary and route were excellent, although once we reached the Caribbean it was a straight 7 days Island to Island hopping a sea day in between may have been good. The ship itself has a serious problem with vibrations from one of it propellers, which at times could be felt all over the ship band in the fixed dining room the cutlery on tables had a habit of dancing across the tables landing on the floor. A number of passengers disembarked the ship early in the cruise because of the vibration and noise in cabins close the rear of the ship. This is our second cruise with P&O and for us it was good not the best but we would give serious consideration to travelling with the company again.
User Rating: 6 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 6
Date: 16 Dec 2018
Summary:  Very good cruise p and o do a good job
User Rating: 3 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 6
Date: 19 Nov 2018
Summary:  Very disappointing cruise We won’t sail with P@O again
User Rating: 4 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 6
Date: 18 Nov 2018
Summary:  Had a 18 night cruise to the western med and as the curates egg you could say it was "good in places" We found the staff were either really nice and very friendly or seemed not to care at all, particularly in the dining hall (freedom dining), when for the most part we felt hurried and our plates cleared away very early, even when the restaurant was half empty you felt you mustn't linger, efficient but cold. Also in general the food was okay but not exceptional, with the exception of the Sindhu Indian restaurant, which you paid extra for but the food and service was sublime. With regard to the entertainment, again this was either excellent or very disappointing. I should explain what I mean. Firstly and not only P & Q is guilty here, I find that in areas where you might wish to meet people or friends for a catch up, have a drink with a little background music to set the scene, mostly you get music that is so loud that you cannot speak at all until the music pauses between songs. In the same venue (Crows Nest) we had a very good "Impromptu Duo" that played very well with the girl singer having a beautiful voice, this was amplified traditionally, which meant although not loud at all, if you wish to move a little further away you could still enjoy the music whilst chatting to your friends. Conversely when the house band played in the same venue, not only were they a lot louder but it was piped through all the speakers in the room, meaning there wasn't any area`s that you could escape and chat without leaving the bar. Let me just say I love loud music, if its in a concert situation! For example in the theatre there was a group called the Headliners that we saw twice, once for soul music the other a Queen tribute and they were loud and excellent, the difference being no one expected to have any conversations in this type of venue therefore louder the better (almost)! Also as possibly being an October cruise and therefor mainly retired or older guests (I am 70) it seems expected that the guests must only like 50`s and 60`s music! I am not asking for hip hop or grime music but surely not everyone that has lived through that period wishes to remain stuck in it. It would be nice to show a little adventurism with the chosen music, even if restricted to certain venues. Finally for me the sail away from Cadiz being the last port before returning to Southampton was deemed a British Sail Away and due to inclement weather this was held in the Crows Nest, we went to check it out but "My old Mans a Dustman" and waving flags whilst sitting down was too much like an old peoples care home visit.Sorry I have no wish to offend anyone who was there and loved it, it may just be me but I found it rather sad and a little patronising. This is possibly just personal choices but if you are to review anything what else can it be but your own personal choices, I think the entertainment staff were pretty good in general. Luckily we were with old friends and still managed to enjoy ourselves and the nice people and staff we met whilst travelling.
User Rating: 4 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 6
Date: 31 Oct 2018
Summary:  Good ship on a delightful itinerary. However, for a company that claims to be passionate about food I would say that their passion is (mis)directed solely to the appearance of it. Plate-appeal is everything, making the horribly overcooked food look ever so pretty. That said, clearly not all the food is overcooked and breakfast, while unadventurous, is very good - similarly with the cold buffet at lunch.

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