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A cruise is the best way to see the natural wonders of the Norwegian Fjords in all their glory as you sail right through to gaze up at the sheer cliffs, cascading waterfalls and intimidating glaciers with the dominating mountains beyond. In local ports of call you’ll find charming spots to match the stunning scenery, such as Oslo, Bergan and Skjolden, while in Flam there’s the Flamsbana Railway, a perfect 2-hour trip winding your way through one of the most stunning rail journeys on earth.

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A Norwegian Fjords cruise is a fantastic way to visit this striking part of the world famed for so much of its old-world architecture, enriching medieval museums and of course dazzling archipelagos bursting with nature. Norway cruise holidays are an ideal choice if you are looking for a no-fly cruise option, setting sail directly from the UK with the choice of many northern departure ports as well as Southampton.

Imagine the breathtaking scene: cascading waterfalls surging down steep granite cliffs into the icy waters below.

Your imagination can easily become a reality on Norwegian Fjords cruises which will take you on a magical journey past this awesome sight whilst leisurely taking in the ornate Norwegian landscape of pretty painted houses, craggy river gorges and endless interesting flora and fauna .

Choose from mini cruises through to leisurely 13 night cruises, allowing you to thoroughly explore one of mother nature's great creations, along with the port towns and cities, steeped in Viking and Norwegian history, that make up a Norwegian cruise.

For a really culturally immersive experience which takes you right off the beaten track, take a look at the Hurtigruten cruises,where you will discover all sorts of hidden gems, cruising on a working ship while it delivers the mail, carries passengers and offers a Norwegian cruise &mdahs; all at the same time.

Summer cruises are the ideal way to catch the Northern Lights, especially towards the end of September when they are most visible and a sight not to be missed. Norway cruises mean you can get closer to the natural phenomena, with some cruises lines offering specific cruises at the right time of year. If you're unsure when to go, or need some top tips on the best ports to visit, check out our guide to cruising the Norwegian Fjords.

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Baltic and Fjord Cruises in Norway

Discover the stunning country of Norway either on a Baltic cruise which tends to enjoy the Southern ports like Oslo and Kristiansand or on a Fjord cruise where you reach high up on the West coast and visit the amazing towns of Bergen and Stavanger. Throughout this tour, you will be spellbound by the country's stunning waterfalls, shimmering blue lakes and history.

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