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Europe’s number one cruise holiday destination, nowhere in the world is close when it comes to the variety of culture, scenery, history, iconic sights and cuisine of the marvellous Mediterranean. Easily accessible on a fly cruise or direct from Southampton, the Mediterranean is a paradise for culture vultures, foodies and those who just want to relax in the sun with Barcelona, Rome and Morocco in the west to Athens, the Greek Islands, Egypt and Istanbul to the east.

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A Mediterranean cruise holiday has something for everyone; a vast array of sun drenched beautiful beaches to recharge yourselves on, a huge variety of mouthwatering cuisine to savour as your journey progresses, bags of culture to feast your mind on and endless tantalising shopping to be seduced by!

Due to its proximity to the UK, easy access with cruises from Southampton and the possibility of shorter durations, Mediterranean cruises are an excellent choice for people wanting to introduce themselves to the whole concept of cruising on a first time cruise and indeed are ideal if you are not keen on flying to meet your cruise ship.

Taking a Med fly cruise offers a massive choice of itineraries from the major ports of the Western Mediterranean to the more intimate locations of the Eastern Mediterranean. One of the most popular choices is to take a cruise from Southampton with Royal Caribbean UK or P&O Cruises. Typical ports of call are Rome, Barcelona, the French Riviera and the Baltics. You can also take shorter cruises by taking a fly cruise departing from Barcelona, Rome or Genoa.

The Eastern Med cruises offer you a different side of the Mediterranean. With fly cruises from Venice, Rome and Athens you have a choice for seven to twelve nights cruises to the Eastern Med as well as twenty five night cruises from Southampton. The itineraries also differ to the Western Med, with ports of call including Greece, Turkey, Croatia and Egypt.

For those who are happy to fly then why not start your holiday in the heart of it all with a cruise from Barcelona or a cruise from Palma, Majorca. If you are also wanting a really memorable way to entertain and holiday with your whole family then take a look at our fabulous family cruise section.

If you fancy combing a cruise with a few nights in one of the Med's historic cities or by the sandy white beaches the stunning coastline offers, why not try a cruise and stay Mediterranean holiday?

Top Mediterranean Cruise Destinations and Shore Excursions


France is home to some of the most glamorous ports, including the luxurious port of Cannes, sophisticated Monte Carlo and the cosmopolitan town of Nice. Visit the south coast and experience the luxury of a world class event at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix. Immerse yourself in the chic French atmosphere during your summer cruise. France is rich in heritage and has an abundance of natural beauty to enjoy. From breathtaking mountainous regions and stunning open landscapes, France provides the perfect backdrop to discover this cosmopolitan country. If you are looking for a cruise from the UK France is the perfect destination.


Discover Italy's fascinating history and stunning architecture with a Mediterranean cruise holiday. Enjoy the warm reception from the passionate locals as you explore their animated culture. Stop off in the popular port of Rome and enjoy the rich history, the striking town of Portofino or the enchanting city of Venice. For the most dedicated shopaholic Milan provides some of the most fashionable shopping to be had in the world.


Located to the west of Italy, although retaining a very French feel, Corsica has a reputation of being home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Dock in at the Ajaccio port as part of your Mediterranean cruise and explore this picturesque island. Be sure not to miss Napoleon Bonaparte's house, now turned fascinating museum and packed full of period furntiure and family portaits. You can also look forward to sampling the typical Corsican food, a delicious fusion of French and Italian cuisine.

Mediterranean Cruises in Spain

If you are looking for lashings of culture, then Spain should definitely be at the top of your cruise itinerary. This amazing country has a culturally diverse heritage and is epitomized by its beautiful, vibrant cosmopolitan city, Barcelona. Its Art Nouveau architecture is awe inspiring, as is its Picasso Gallery. Spain has a variety of terrain, ranging from lush flourishing landscapes to the beautiful sandy beaches of towns such as Alicante. Mediterranean cruises to Spain have a special warm, earthy charm and have something to suit all tastes.

The Balearic Islands

A cruise around the stunning coastlines of the beautiful Balearic Islands, where you can now begin your holiday with a cruise from Palma, will give you the best view of some of their enchanting small caves and sunkissed beaches. However, nothing will inspire you more than a shore excursion to one of the islands to visit all of their hidden gems. Whether you visit the sophisticated, exclusive island of Mallorca, the breathtaking island of Ibiza or the historic, stunning island of Menorca, you can not fail to be captivated by their many charms.

Med Cruises in Greece

The Greek islands are one of the highlights along the journey of Mediterranean cruises, where a full sensory experience awaits you. Visually vibrant, lush and beach combed landscapes abound while taking a trip on land will ignite your sense of smell and you will be intoxicated with pleasant aromatic notes of olive, pine, cypress, orange and lemon. The verdant natural beauty of Corfu, the ancient history of Athens or the traditional culture of Cephalonia are but a few of Greece’s charms. To complete your journey, don't forget to taste the local fortified ouzo and retsina - not for the fainthearted!

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