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List of Cruise Lines

11 February 2020

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When it comes to setting off on your holiday, the thought of choosing which line to cruise with may feel a little daunting as there are so many, all offering different onboard experiences and itineraries.

To help you see what’s out there and pick the best cruise line for your needs, we've compiled a list of cruise lines to make your decision a little easier broken down into the following categories:


Nothing says luxury more than hopping on a cruise ship where you are waited on hand and foot by a crew of professional yet attentive staff as you relax in the elegant, stylish surroundings. Taking you to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, here is our list of the top luxury cruises, including the luxury cruise lines that offer them.

list of luxury cruise lines


For the adventurous type who want to get out and explore the world, there are plenty of expedition cruise ships to help you do just this. From ice-breakers to shallow bottomed hulls able to go where other ships can’t in comfort and style, whether you're looking to discover the natural beauty of Alaska or the warmer weather of the Galapagos Islands, here's our list of expedition cruise lines:

list of luxury cruise lines


With ships packed with all sorts of activities to keep guests of all ages amused, it's no wonder that cruise holidays are a popular choice for families who want to get out into the world and make memories together. From onboard kids clubs to babysitting services and family-friendly shore excursions, here is our list of cruise lines which are perfect for families:

list of luxury cruise lines


For those who want to get out there and see just what a cruise holiday is all about, here is our list of popular, mainstream cruise lines that perfectly combine onboard fun with exciting itineraries:

list of luxury cruise lines


If you want an unforgettable holiday that takes you back to the golden era of cruising, here's our list of traditional cruise lines. Once onboard guests can expect classic, intimate ships, grand décor, attentive service and a real sense of occasion:

list of luxury cruise lines


While ocean cruising is a popular way to travel, another great way to explore the world is by taking to some of the most iconic rivers in the world. From the Rhine and Danube in Europe to the Mekong in Southeast Asia, Egypt’s Nile, and the Mississippi in the United States, here are our list of river cruise lines that will introduce you to these amazing waterways:

list of luxury cruise lines

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