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An Essential P&O Cruises’ Drinks Package Guide For 2024

23 February 2024


If you’ve got a P&O Cruise getaway coming up, or you’re considering booking one in the near future, you might be thinking about purchasing a drinks package.

Whilst water, teas and coffees are available free of charge onboard, P&O Cruises also offers a wealth of different drinks packages, including a Refresh drinks package, an Alcohol-free option, a Classic drinks package and a Deluxe drinks package with more options included. Offering something to suit every taste, P&O drinks packages are available on cruises that last 5+ nights. 

Let’s take you through the different P&O drinks packages available, with the different inclusions, exclusions, prices and FAQs you require to purchase the best P&O drinks package for you!

The Refresh Drinks Package

Soft drinks
Soft drinks

Price: £10.95 per person, per day 

The Refresh drinks package is a great option for children or those looking to only enjoy soft drinks throughout their voyage. With a choice of classic fizzy drinks and juices, the Refresh drinks package is the most wallet-friendly option available. 

Drinks included in the Refresh drinks package:

However, with the Refresh package, you won’t have the following options included:

The Alcohol-Free Drinks Package 

Speciality coffees
Speciality coffees

Price: £24.95 per person, per day 

Another option available is the Alcohol-free package, which includes all of the drinks that come with the Refresh package, along with a range of speciality coffee, non-alcoholic cocktails and more. 

Drinks included in the Alcohol-free drinks package:

However, with the Alcohol-free package, you won’t have the following options included:

The Classic Drinks Package

Gin and tonics
Gin and tonics

Price: £44.95 per person, per day

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a drinks package that includes selected alcoholic drinks along with soft drinks, then the Classic drinks package is the perfect choice for you. Not only will you have everything from the Refresh and Alcohol-free drinks package included, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of the following:

However, with the Classics drinks package, you won’t have the following options included:

The Deluxe Drinks Package 


Price: £54.95 per person, per day

The most flexible drinks package available, P&O Cruises’ Deluxe drinks package includes all of the drinks included in the Refresh, Alcohol-free and Classic packages, along with a range of other options. 

Additional drinks you can enjoy with the Deluxe drinks package include:

However, with the Deluxe drinks package, you won’t have the following options included:

P&O Drinks Packages FAQs

People toasting with prosecco
People toasting with prosecco

How to Purchase a P&O Cruises Drinks Package

If you want to purchase your P&O drinks package ahead of time, you can log into your ‘My P&O Cruises’ account up to three days before your sailing and benefit from a 10% discount on all types of drinks packages. Alternatively, you can purchase a drinks package in the first two days of your getaway. 

Do Both People in a Cabin Require a Drinks Package? 

Sharing and transferring drinks packages is not allowed on P&O Cruises getaway. If you are 18+, are in a cabin of 2 or more guests and wish to purchase a drinks package, you must all purchase the same drinks package. 

Can You Purchase Different Drinks Packages Within Your Cabin?

Whilst guests 18+ sharing a cabin must purchase the same drinks package, a child can have the Refresh package on their own, which can be purchased onboard. Adults sharing the cabin with them do not have to purchase a package. 

How Do You Activate a Drinks Package Onboard?

When you receive your cruise card, it should have a sticker on it that indicates the drinks package you have chosen. If you decide to purchase a drinks package whilst onboard, the sticker will be added to your cruise card. 

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