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Craig and Richard check out the P&O Ventura

25 September 2009

P&O Ventura

Updated April 2018

In order to better appreciate all the hype about P&O's Ventura, we sent a few members of our customer care team onboard. Here’s their take on the ship.

The first thing that struck us about Ventura was her sheer size, and that she shares the familiar outside appearance as other P&O ships; huge yellow funnels and a bright white exterior. Once onboard however, we found Ventura to be a real breath of fresh air with her modern decor and cosmopolitan feel - the interior proved to be where she really comes into her own. Our tour began on the Lido deck where we were shown the first of Ventura's 5 swimming pools, complete with high quality wooden sun loungers and bright décor poolside. Although slightly on the small side, the pool has an impressive sliding glass roof for when the weather isn't so favourable. There were also two Jacuzzis bubbling close by (two of eight onboard), so finding room for a dip shouldn't be a problem.

Next we moved on to the kids clubs, which are equipped with everything to keep even the most active amused. Separated into four tiers of age group, facilities range from Playstations, sports equipment, big screen tvs and plenty of space for activities like games, talent shows, and kids discos.

After challenging several members of the tour group to a game of Jenga, we took in the gym. It’s a fully equipped, state of the art facility with tread mills and cross trainers looking out at the open sea. If the sea views don't do it for you, the tread mills are equipped with individual LCD TV’s to keep the mind busy while you burn some calories.

Our tour then took us through the onboard bars, which are all fitted out to a high standard with a unique twist. One of our personal favourites was the Exchange - an English pub with a traditional, yet modern feel - a combination that really worked. There was also the Metropolis bar, which really shows off the technology utilised onboard. It features large monitors across one wall displaying panoramic views over some of the world’s most famous sky lines, including New York and Tokyo. Each has been filmed for 24 hours so the view matches the onboard time, making it a truly magnificent experience.

Finally we had a look at the onboard accommodation; each cabin was tastefully decorated, and of similar standard to a good 4-star hotel. All balcony cabins had a pair of binoculars, which we found to be a nice touch. All in all, the Ventura is an impressive host, well worth considering if you’re undecided about your next cruise holiday.

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