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Iglu Land Exclusive Interview With Azura Captain

20 May 2013

P&O Azura

Lots of you come back to us after you have been on a cruise holiday and talk about how helpful and friendly the crew were, so I am sure at some point during your cruise you wondered what it is really like to work onboard.

After spending five years at sea myself, I wrote a blog a few weeks ago and shared a brief summary with you about my adventures. However, that was me, can you imagine being the most important person onboard, the Captain?

A cruise ship captain is a licensed mariner who holds the ultimate responsibility for the ship. In addition to operational responsibilities the captain has to oversee all passengers and crew and is the final authority for everyone onboard. As if being in charge of thousands of people is not enough, they are also responsible for all maritime protocols, safety regulations, ship’s engines and maintenance, leading the navigational aids, directing the piloting and following the ship’s strict security plan. A pretty daunting job description, don’t you think?

Even though captains do try to get out and socialize with guests as much as they can, due to the important nature of their job, they are a hard person to speak to! However, no mission is too small for us here at Iglu! On a recent trip on P&O’s Azura we managed to secure an exclusive behind the scenes talk with Captain Julian Burgess.

In this video interview he talks about his exciting career that lead him to become a captain, the best and worst thing about his job and what he gets up to in his spare time!

Take a look at this unique video of our talk with Captain Julian Burgess:

From this video we can see that life at sea is certainly very fascinating and people that work onboard clearly have a passion for ensuring all guests have the best possible cruise. It is very exciting to hear Captain Julian Burgess share some really interesting personal views and experiences of his life onboard. So, who wants to swop their nine to five, comfortable office environment for stripes and the responsibility of a multi-million pound ship and thousands of people!?

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