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No continent showcases variety when it comes to history, culture, cuisine and landscapes as Europe does. On a European cruise you can sample classic Italian dishes by the Coliseum, sip wine in Bordeaux, explore the Christmas markets of the Rhine, sail through the mighty Norwegian fjords or head to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. From Barcelona to Athens and Rome to Stockholm, whether you’re a culture vulture, foodie or sun-seeker, Europe has a destination for you.

Try a Europe river cruise, an excellent way to visit the towns and cities of Europe whilst exploring the continents fascinating rivers. Frequent port calls allow you to explore each exciting destination in depth. River Cruises are a great way to explore new and exciting destinations.

With so many exciting things to see and do, European cruise appeal to most people. So whether you are a first time cruiser or looking for a family cruise, Europe is the place for you. For those wanting to see a little more on their European cruise, you can opt for a cruise & stay holiday where you can spend a little more time exploring.

Top European Cruise Holiday Destinations and Shore Excursions

This is your chance to discover the bountiful treasures of Europe, hopping from country to country whilst relaxing in stylish surroundings all the way.

European cruises to Italy

Italy was made for romance with sumptuous landscapes, fascinating history, culture and cuisine that just about seduces everyone. Explore the canals of enchanting Venice and gaze at beautiful churches or Renaissance art. Or why not take a shore excursion to Rome and enjoy a walking tour around this historic city, packing in the Spanish Steps, The Pantheon and of course the Coliseum.

European cruises to Holland

The land of wooden clogs and tulips, Holland is beautiful, calming and colourful, none more so than Amsterdam. Here you can soak up the exquisite 17th century architecture, romantic canals and interesting shops. Don't forget to sample the local traditional cheeses in the vibrant street markets.

European cruises to Russia

Russia offers a wealth of history, enormous diversity and many cultural traditions. Escape to the past in St. Petersburg with its vast, crystalline squares and palaces, offering a glimpse of the once glittering imperial Russia. St Isaac's Cathedral, Peterhof, Catherine Palace and the Hermitage are all a must for your list. Or revel in the awe inspiring art collections in Moscow (pictured right) whilst sampling some of the delicious local cuisine.

European cruises to Greece

Discover Athens, the centre of the ancient world and the birthplace of civilization and the gorgeous Greek islands. Explore the many fallen columns and architectural masterpieces, or sample the vibrant Athenian lifestyle with its quaint restaurants and lively nightlife.

Visit the site of the original Olympic Games at Olympia or alternatively take a cable car ride to the top of the cliffs in Santorini for the amazing seascape vistas.

European cruises to Portugal

The Portuguese capital of Lisbon offers a unique combination of diverse cultures and architecture in a laid back atmosphere. Legendary cafes and art nouveau shops will tantalise you away from your sumptuous ship for a day's exciting excursion.

European cruises to Spain

Cruises to Spain offer a fantastic range of culture, from the Gothic Cathedrals of Barcelona to the designer boutiques of Cadiz. The Iberian treasures also include the Atlantic coastline of Bilbao where you can visit the Guggenheim. For the sun worshippers there are the beautiful beaches of Alicante or Palma. European cruises to Spain take you through Baroque and Art Nouveau architecture and from stunning landscapes to vibrant cafe culture.