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Good family cruise

10+ cruises Balcony
20 Apr 2022
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The cruise was good and in comparison to few we have been been to, the service received on this cruise was one of the best one, however we were not told about the limitation of leaving the cruise at different ports which was Iglu cruise shortfall. The cruise signs and information were very limited and have been reduced to your TV so if you don’t know how to use technology then you are blind

10+ cruises Deluxe Balcony
29 Mar 2022
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I had the absolute worst time getting on the ship. Firstly, I submitted my travel insurance twice before I left. When I got to the check in they told me they didn’t have it and then proceeded to tell me my two forms of insurance would not work. They tried to get me to pay more money until I called one of my insurances and had them tell them that I was insured. It was awful. Secondly I was told I only needed an antigen test to get on board because I am living in the UK and when I got to the port they told me just because I have an American passport they made me pay 80 euros for a pcr test. The only other people required to get the pcr were fellow Americans. I have an UK address and phone number but they denied me. It was awful and I even broke down crying for hours. I had the absolute worst experience and I would like to talk to someone further about this horrible experience I had. It was not iglu’s fault but it was entirely MSC and this is not okay nor should it ever.

2-5 cruises Interior Bella
15 Mar 2022
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Fantastic ship. Crew so friendly and helpful. Restaurant food delightful. Would definitely sail with MSC again and obviously book through yourselves. Many thanks for your assistance in make Ng this cruise one to remember.

6-10 cruises Deluxe Balcony
28 Feb 2022
star star star no star no star

Couldn’t embark because a very rude member of staff told me I was not fully vaccinated without the third vaccine . She told me to go & I was left for 3 hours standing on a cold doc side / which was painful as I’m recovering from a broken leg . My daughter contacted the cruise liner & was told that I was right - the rude & very unhelpful lady ( I wish I knew her name ) came to me and said you can get on now - when I asked for an apology she said she was only doing her job ! This was all so upsetting that it ruined my holiday , it was hard to relax and I worried that disembarking would be just as difficult .

1 cruise Balcony
31 Jan 2022