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The Ultimate Celebrity Cruises 2024 Guide

19 January 2024

Celebrity Xcel

Celebrity Cruises is an award-winning cruise line that’s beloved for its opulent accommodation, innovative amenities and extraordinary itineraries; visiting over 300 destinations around the world. Known as ‘Relaxed Luxury℠ Resorts at Sea’, each area of Celebrity Cruises’ ships are carefully designed with comfort and style in mind. Providing a contemporary and exceptional cruising experience, you can do as little or as much as you wish on board throughout your voyage.

The first and only cruise line to receive a Star Rating by the Forbes Travel Guide, you can expect world-class cuisine, exhilarating day and evening entertainment and a spa that offers indulgent treatments including the likes of restorative massages and sumptuous facials amongst other standout highlights which showcase why Celebrity Cruises was voted as the Best Premium Cruise Line in 2021 by Travel Weekly. 

Read on to find out more about Celebrity Cruises’ key values, the Celebrity Cruises’ fleet, top highlights and other information that showcases why you should book a Celebrity Cruises getaway.


  1. Celebrity Cruises Key Values 
  2. Celebrity Cruises Fleet
  3. What Makes Celebrity Cruises Unique
  4. What's Included on Celebrity Cruises Getaways?
  5. What’s Extra Onboard Celebrity Cruises?
  6. Celebrity Cruises Updates
  7. Upcoming Events, Special Cruises and Other Celebrity Cruises News
  8. Celebrity Cruises Guest Reviews
  9. Top Tips for Celebrity Cruises Getaways 
  10. Celebrity Cruises FAQs
  11. Exciting Upcoming Celebrity Cruises Itineraries

Celebrity Cruises Key Values

Celebrity Cruises has several key values that contribute not only to its brand identity, but the overall experience it aims to deliver. Firstly, the cruise line emphasizes the importance it places on environmental stewardship. From sustainable practices that aim to improve how environmentally-friendly their ships are to a variety of initiatives, Celebrity Cruises is championing environmental and community stewardship at every turn to help lessen the impact that their fleet has on the world around us. 

Turtle swimming in the ocean
Turtle swimming in the ocean

Celebrity Cruises’ Core Sustainability Values and Initiatives

Celebrity Cruises has a Save the Waves programme which prioritises three key principles - minimising the production of waste, recycling as much as they can, and making sure the leftover waste is disposed of properly:

Alongside the above, Celebrity Cruises has been plastic straw free since 2019, has a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund and are campaigning for sustainable tourism, through supporting local communities alongside other eco-friendly strategies. 

Advocating for Diversity and Inclusion 

As well as having sustainability at its heart, Celebrity Cruise line also advocates for equality, acceptance and progress.

Five ships from Celebrity Cruises fleet sailing
Five ships from Celebrity Cruises fleet sailing

They have done this through launching several events and initiates throughout the fleet, including:

Celebrity Cruises Fleet

What Ships and Classes Do Celebrity Cruises Have?

Dating back to 1988, throughout the years Celebrity Cruises has grown to one of the biggest cruise lines in the world. With four classes of ships currently in the fleet, you’ll be able to find the perfect cruise ship for you, whether you’re looking for a small ship or a mid-sized ship.

Celebrity Beyond
Celebrity Beyond

Currently there are 15 ships in the fleet, including the newest addition, Celebrity Ascent which was launched in 2023: 

Celebrity Edge Class:

Celebrity Solstice Class:

Celebrity Millennium Class: 

Celebrity Galapagos Class:

New Celebrity Cruises Ships

In 2025, Celebrity Xcel will launch. With a guest capacity that is still yet to be revealed, alongside all of the amenities and features that will be onboard, it looks like it will be a great addition to the Edge Class! Although we do know it will have the beloved Magic Carpet and Martini Bar - two favourites onboard the futuristic and opulent Edge Class. 

What Makes Celebrity Cruises Unique?

As aforementioned, there are many standout features that help to make Celebrity Cruises unique in the cruising world. From the importance they place on hiring a more diverse workforce, to their sustainability efforts, there’s so many reasons why Celebrity Cruises has rapidly become one of the most popular cruise lines in the world. 

Le Petit Chef
Le Petit Chef

Here are the top highlights you can take advantage of aboard Celebrity Cruises fleet:

Extraordinary Food & Drink

The first thing that stands Celebrity Cruises out from the crowd is the importance they place on delivering exceptional cuisine. Not only do they offer a variety of different globally-inspired menus, but the restaurants onboard are decorated beautifully and boast some of the most unique features.

For example, onboard 13 of their fleet, including Celebrity Silhouette and Celebrity Ascent, there is Le Petit Chef. In this extraordinary speciality restaurant, there are 3D table animations that transport you into a new world, complete with an animated chef that ‘cooks’ your meal in front of you! Alongside Le Petit Chef, on the Edge Class ships (excluding Celebrity Ascent), there is the food available in the breathtaking Magic Carpet. 

Acting as an extension to the popular seafood restaurant Raw on 5, you can take advantage of mouth-watering cuisine whilst admiring ocean views. And last but not least, Celebrity Cruises has partnered with Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud to create delectable dishes, within the Chef’s Table dining experience (available across the fleet) as well as Le Voyage (onboard Celebrity Edge Class ships) and within Luminae - an exclusive restaurant for members of The Retreat. 

Alongside the delicious food offered across Celebrity Cruises’ fleet, there’s also knowledgeable sommeliers on board, providing you with a menu that includes a wine collection that has won the Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence for an incredible 11 years in a row!

A Variety of Entertainment & Activities Throughout the Day

No matter what your age, you’ll find entertainment that thrills throughout the day and night. For kids, there is the award-winning Camp at Sea, offering a variety of age-suitable activities that are based on the interests of the kids themselves! Based on four categories (STEM, culinary, recreation and art) your little ones will be kept entertained throughout their cruise onboard Celebrity Cruises. And when they are looking for something else to do, they can head to one of the pools onboard or enjoy some mini golf (available onboard select ships) or just relax! 

Entertainment aboard Celebrity Cruises
Entertainment aboard Celebrity Cruises

Adults will love the adults-only Solarium, Spa, outdoor movie screens and West End style shows on offer throughout the sailing. With world-class theatre shows shown in the main theatres and Eden (aboard Celebrity Edge ships) you’ll be dazzled from start to finish; whether you’re watching a musical melody performance, a magic show or another type of performance! 

Celebrity Cruises also won Travel Weekly's 2022 Gold Award in Entertainment at the Magellan Awards for three of their shows - Arte, Elements and Jazz Joint! 

However, if you’re looking for a completely unique activity to enjoy throughout your cruise why not try glass blowing? Available onboard Celebrity Solstice, Celebrity Equinox and Celebrity Eclipse, you’ll be guided on how to create shapes from molten glass by a skilled glass smith. An extraordinary souvenir, this is a distinctive activity you won’t want to miss! 

A Selection of Beverage & Culinary Programmes

If you have an interest in mixology or wine, Celebrity Cruises have the programmes onboard for you.

Glasses of wine
Glasses of wine

Available at an additional cost, the following activities are bound to be a hit with any spirit or wine enthusiast:

Visit Some of the World’s Most Breathtaking Destinations 

As mentioned above, Celebrity Cruises have it nailed when it comes to the itineraries it has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a Mediterranean escape, want to head further afield to Australia or have always wanted to visit the Galapagos islands, there’s something for all tastes with Celebrity Cruises. 

Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Islands

Whilst they are primarily known for their relaxed, premium cruise ships, they also have expedition ships that are designed solely to visit the Galapagos islands; known as one of the most remote and untouched corners of the world. Available onboard Celebrity Xpedition and Celebrity Flora, you’ll be able to discover this extraordinary destination in style.

What's Included on Celebrity Cruises Getaways?

One of the most common questions when it comes to cruises is - what’s included? Whilst it might initially seem like a minefield, we’re here to help guide you through what’s included when you book a cruise and what you’ll need to pay for on top of the base fare.

Celebrity Cruises' adults-only Solarium
Celebrity Cruises' adults-only Solarium

What You’ll Get Included When Booking a Celebrity Cruises’ Getaway


If you opt for an AquaClass stateroom, you can take advantage of the following perks alongside spacious and modern accommodation:

AquaClass on Edge Class

AquaClass on Solstice Class

AquaClass On Millennium Class 

The Retreat

An exclusive cruise offering, The Retreat offers personalised service, spacious staterooms and perks that are extraordinary. Available at an extra cost to the usual cruise fare, guests of the retreat can enjoy the following benefits and amenities:

To gain access to the amenities of The Retreat, you would have had to opt for a suite. With a variety to choose from across the fleet, including the Iconic Suite, Edge Villa and Penthouse Suite, you’ll be sailing in true luxury. 

What’s Extra Onboard Celebrity Cruises?

Celebrity Cruises Updates

Up until October 2023, Celebrity Cruises were all included. This meant that when you booked a cruise with them, you’d get tips, a basic Wi-Fi package and a Classic Drinks Package as part of the cruise fare. Over time, Celebrity Cruises did also offer a cruise only option. On top of their ‘all included’ offering, they also gave onboard credit up to a certain amount. 

Celebrity Beyond
Celebrity Beyond

However, from October 2023 onwards, this pricing strategy has changed. When you opt for a Celebrity Cruises getaway, you now have the option of adding on a drinks package, gratuities and Wi-Fi for an additional cost on top of the base fare. 

Upcoming Events, Special Cruises and Other Celebrity Cruises News

Celebrity Cruises is ever-evolving with some really exciting itineraries and additions to their overall cruise offering. Not only is Celebrity Xcel coming in 2025, but Celebrity Cruises has recently announced a wide variety of extraordinary destinations that their fleet will visit, along with elevated spaces onboard for the 2025/2026 cruise season. 

Steel cutting ceremony for Celebrity Xcel
Steel cutting ceremony for Celebrity Xcel

This includes:

Alongside exciting itineraries and destinations in Celebrity Cruises 2025/2026, Celebrity Cruises has also revealed some exciting entertainment offerings onboard Celebrity Ascent, which set sail earlier this year: 

Celebrity Cruises’ Themed Cruises 

Other exciting news for Celebrity Cruises includes the announcement of the godmothers of Celebrity Ascent, which is the popular Captain Sandy Yawn who rose to fame on the Bravo hit TV series, Below Deck, alongside Michelle Dunham - who is the prominent founder of the Jacksonville School for Autism. 

Celebrity Apex will also be sailing from Southampton from May 2024 - meaning that you can start your holiday off in style aboard this fantastic cruise ship without having to worry about catching a flight first! 

Celebrity Cruises Guest Reviews

Celebrity Cruises is arguably one of the most popular cruise lines, with an average rating of 4/5 on Feefo. 

Here are some reviews guests left on Iglu Cruise for Celebrity Cruises:

Top Tips for Celebrity Cruises Getaways

Top 5 First Time Cruise Tips

Packed suitcase
Packed suitcase

Arrive at the departure port with plenty of time to spare 

Ideally, it’s advisable to stay a night or two before you embark on your cruise in the first port. However, if this isn’t possible, just make sure that you get to the port in plenty of time; you don’t want to be rushing or to miss the ship!

Sign up for activities and shore excursions in advance

To avoid disappointment, make sure that you book onto excursions or any activities that you want to do as early as possible. There’s so much to choose from for all ages and tastes, so make sure that as soon as you book you check out what’s available both on land and on shore. 

Keep your phone on airplane mode

Whilst at sea, make sure that you keep your phone on airplane mode. When you are sailing to each destination, if you decide to use data or text/call someone, you will incur extra maritime charges. 

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is advisable when you go on holiday. But when you’re on a cruise, there’s specific travel insurance you can opt for that will cover you in case of flight cancellations or delays, illness or if you want to cancel the holiday. 

Download the cruise app

Many cruise lines (including Celebrity Cruises) have an app that you can use to book restaurants, events and other things onboard. This is a very useful thing to have and utilise throughout your getaway. 

Top 3 Tips for Your Celebrity Cruises Getaway 

  1. Research your Celebrity ship and the itinerary 

Celebrity Cruises offers a variety of amenities and features throughout their fleet, so make sure that you research what the ship has in terms of amenities, restaurants and entertainment to ensure that you’re choosing the best Celebrity Cruises’ ship for you. Alongside this, make sure to explore the cruise itinerary to ensure that you’re familiar with the destinations and ports of call; this way you’ll know what to expect and what you can do when you arrive there. You can also book onto any local excursions. 

  1. Make reservations for Celebrity speciality restaurants

Speciality restaurants onboard Celebrity Cruises are very popular, from Le Petit Chef to the decadent Fine Cut Steakhouse, so make sure that you make reservations for these in advance! You can do this either via the app or by heading to guest relations on embarkation day. 

  1. Pack appropriately for Celebrity Cruises

Of course, it will come as no surprise that you should pack according to what the weather will be like during your cruise. For example, if you’re heading to Alaska in the winter, it will be cold, so you’ll have to dress warmly. Or in the summer in the Mediterranean, you should bring clothes that ensure you’re comfortable and kept cool in the heat.

As mentioned above, for warmer climates - t-shirts, shorts, dresses, skirts and a formal outfit for evening chic night is ideal. A jumper/cardigan is also good to bring in case it’s a little colder in the evenings. If you’ve opted for a cruise that visits colder destinations, make sure to bring jumpers, sweatshirts, tracksuit bottoms, trousers, warm socks and some comfortable shoes. 

Similarly to above, for a ‘warm’ itinerary, make sure to bring t-shirts, shorts and shirts. For colder climates, bring jumpers, sweatshirts, tracksuit bottoms, warm socks and long trousers with you. Alongside comfortable shoes for exploring during the day. 

On a Celebrity Cruise, there is a smart casual dress code in the restaurants/venues in the evenings. This includes a dress or skirt, a shirt and jeans/long trousers. 

Celebrity Cruises also has nights where the dress code is ‘evening chic’. This will include more formal outfits, like cocktail dresses and suits. 

Celebrity Cruises FAQs

Do Celebrity Cruises Have a Private Island?

In September 2023 it was announced that on select itineraries, Celebrity Cruises will be visiting Royal Caribbean’s private island resort - Perfect Day at Cococay. Guests on these itineraries can take advantage of the incredible amenities on this spectacular island. 

Who Owns Celebrity Cruises?

The Royal Caribbean group owns Celebrity Cruises.

Do Celebrity Cruises Have Formal Nights?

As mentioned above, Celebrity Cruises have two or more formal nights, where guests are asked to wear outfits that match the description of ‘evening chic’.

Exciting Upcoming Celebrity Cruises Itineraries

Book Your Celebrity Cruises Getaway with Iglu Cruise Today

There’s so many innovative and extraordinary features throughout the Celebrity Cruises fleet, alongside the spectacular service and out-of-this-world itineraries. So if you’re looking for a relaxed, unforgettable cruise getaway, look no further than this modern cruise line. A favourite amongst first time cruises and cruise enthusiasts, no matter who you’re travelling with or what you want to get up to on your cruise, you’ll be catered for on a Celebrity Cruises getaway.

Book a Celebrity Cruises getaway with Iglu Cruise. With a wide variety of Celebrity Cruises' cruise deals on offer to choose from, you'll find the ultimate cruise escape for you.

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