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Top Celebrity Cruises Suites

13 March 2023

Celebrity Cruises Fleet

Celebrity Cruises has long been a popular cruise line around the world since first setting sail in 1988. Recently Star Rated by Forbes Travel Guide (the first and only Relaxed Luxury resorts at sea to be awarded this), it’s easy to see why so many people opt to travel with them.

Not only do their ships offer innovative features and a modern design, but a wide variety of suites to choose from; including the Sky Suite, Royal Suite and Penthouse Suite. Luxurious, spacious and featuring a wide variety of impressive amenities, perks and benefits, Celebrity Cruises suites are truly extraordinary.

Read on to find out more about the top Celebrity Cruises suites available onboard each ship, along with the differences between the categories of Concierge Class, AquaClass and The Retreat.


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Celebrity Cruises Suites

Of course, Celebrity Cruises’ ships offer an array of beautiful staterooms to choose from, including interior staterooms and Infinite Balcony staterooms.

But if you’re looking to treat yourself, whether it’s for a special occasion or a holiday of a lifetime, the Celebrity Cruises suites onboard are the perfect choice. All varying in size and the amenities they provide, choosing the right suite for you will depend on what creature comforts you’d like in your cabin and what exclusive benefits you want to take advantage of.

From the opulent Celebrity Suite to the spectacular Penthouse Suite, there’s a Celebrity Cruises suite for every budget and preference.

Celebrity Cruises Sky Suite

Celebrity Sky Suite on Celebrity Apex

Suite Size: approx. 250-360 sq.ft. balcony: 57-163 sq.ft.

Available on: All of Celebrity’s fleet, excluding Celebrity Xpedition and Celebrity Xploration.

Considered to be the entry level suite, Celebrity Cruises Sky Suites are the perfect introduction into what it’s like to stay in these luxury rooms. Of course, what’s found within a Sky Suite will slightly differ depending on the class of ship you’re sailing on.

For example, on Millennium Class and Solstice Class ships, there are amenities within these large suites such as BVLGARI luxury bath toiletries, a spacious veranda with furniture, a comfortable queen-size bed with a mattress from the Cashmere Bedding Collection and access to the Michael’s Club exclusive lounge

On Celebrity Flora (Galapagos Expedition Series), the amenities include those found within Millennium and Solstice Class (excluding access to the suite lounge and Michael’s Club) but include highlights such as beach towel service, binoculars in your suite to use throughout your trip, a bottle of wine and complimentary use of wetsuits and snorkel equipment.

And finally, in Edge Class Ships, the Sky Suite included many of the above amenities, with a couple of additions. On Celebrity Ascent and Celebrity Beyond, there is also Celebrity eXhale bedding.

A Sky Suite on Celebrity Cruises is a great option if you’re looking to reap the benefits of Suite Class, but don’t require the space or don’t have the budget for one of the larger suites available.

Top Celebrity Cruises Suite Perks in a Sky Suite

There is also an Accessible Sky Suite available on Celebrity Millennium.

Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Suite

Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Suite
Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Suite on Celebrity Edge Class

Suite Size: approx. 390-500 sq.ft. balcony: 50-105 sq.ft.

Available on: All of Celebrity’s fleet, excluding Celebrity Xpedition, Celebrity Xploration and Celebrity Flora.

A popular choice for many, Celebrity Cruises Celebrity Suites come with a spacious living room, a luxurious bedroom and lots of storage space to utilise throughout your getaway. There’s also floor-to-ceiling windows which are perfect for admiring the picturesque sea views, along with comfortable bedding and a veranda with outdoor seating.

Across all classes of ships the amenities are very similar within the Celebrity Suite, with only a couple of differences between them. For example on Edge Class ships there is a king-sized Cashmere Mattress and a surround sound system. And like other suites on Solstice and Millennium Class, there’s access to Michael’s Club Executive Lounge.

Top Celebrity Cruises Suite Perks in a Celebrity Suite

Celebrity Cruises Royal Suite

Celebrity Cruises Royal Suite
Celebrity Cruises Royal Suite onboard Edge Class Ships

Suite Size: approx. 560-690 sq.ft. balcony: 70-195 sq.ft.

Available on: All of Celebrity’s fleet, excluding Celebrity Xploration.

If you’re looking for an upgrade to the Celebrity Suite, the Celebrity Cruises Royal Suite is a great option. Featuring a large living area, floor-to-ceiling windows, one bedroom, one bathroom, a half bathroom and a spacious veranda. There’s also generous storage space and comfortable bedding making it ideal if you’re staying with up to four people.

On Solstice and Millennium Class there’s also access to the Michael’s Club Executive Lounge and a whirltub on your veranda. Similarly to the Sky Suite, on Celebrity Flora and Celebrity Xpedition there’s also a beach towel service, a bottle of wine and binoculars that you can use.

On Edge Class ships there’s also highlights when booking this suite such as lunch and dinner in the specialty restaurants, VIP canapes and two complimentary bottles of premium spirits.

Top Celebrity Cruises Suite Perks in a Royal Suite

Celebrity Cruises Penthouse Suite

Celebrity Cruises Penthouse Suite
Celebrity Cruises Penthouse Suite onboard Celebrity Edge

Suite Size: approx. 1290-1430 sq.ft. balcony: 195-1098 sq.ft.

Available on: All of Celebrity’s fleet, excluding Celebrity Xploration.

One of the most exclusive suites is the Celebrity Cruises Penthouse Suite. In fact, there are only two Penthouse Suites per ship! Featuring a primary bedroom, bathroom, dining area, guest bedroom (on Edge Class ships), a terrace, a private hot tub and a butler on hand throughout your trip, this remarkable suite has all the amenities you require for a truly unforgettable holiday.

Similarly to the above on Millennium Class there are also amenities within the suite such as BVLGARI luxury bath toiletries and Celebrity eXhale bedding. On Solstice Class ships there’s even a baby piano in the Penthouse Suite! And as with other suites onboard Edge Class, Penthouse Suite guests also have access to benefits such as unlimited lunch and dinner in the specialty restaurants onboard, VIP canapes and two complimentary bottles of premium spirits.

Top Celebrity Cruises Suite Perks in a Penthouse Suite

Celebrity Cruises Iconic Suites

Celebrity Cruises Iconic Suite

Suite Size: approx.1,892 sq.ft. balcony: 689 sq.ft.

Available on: Edge Class ships.

Situated above the bridge, the new Celebrity Cruises Iconic Suites offer breathtaking panoramic views. Available on Edge Class ships, there is nearly 2,000 sq.ft. of interior space - making it the largest suite on offer. Within the suite you’ll find two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a private terrace with hot tub, a private butler’s pantry, an in-room Peloton machine (available upon request), and other incredible features.

When booking an Iconic Suite, not only will you have access to The Retreat, but you can take advantage of several other benefits including a mini fridge that’s stocked daily, priority luggage delivery and unlimited lunch and dinner in all of the specialty restaurants.

Top Celebrity Cruises Suite Perks in an Iconic Suite

Concierge Class

Cabin Size:

Millennium Class - 209 sq.ft. balcony: 42 sq.ft.

Solstice Class - 192 sq.ft. balcony: 54 sq.ft.

Edge Class - 243 sq.ft. balcony: 42 sq.ft.

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your cabin, but don’t have the budget for a suite, then opting for a concierge class room is a good option. Available on Millennium Class, Solstice Class and Edge Class, by opting for Concierge Class you’ll receive a more personalised service alongside additional features and perks.

What is Included in Concierge Class on Celebrity Cruises?

With Concierge Class you’ll be in a Veranda Stateroom (an Infinite Veranda on Edge Class ships), and be able to take advantage of the following amenities, services and dining perks:

Stateroom features include:


Cabin Size:

Millennium Class - 100- 209 sq.ft. balcony: 42-62 sq.ft.

Solstice Class - 192 sq.ft. balcony: 54 sq.ft.

Edge Class - 201 sq.ft. balcony: 42 sq.ft.

Designed with health and wellbeing in mind, Aquaclass is available across Edge Class, Solstice Class and Millennium Class ships. There are several perks that you can access by booking an AquaClass stateroom, including access to the exclusive restaurant Blu, the SEA Thermal Suite (aboard Edge Class ships) and a complimentary fitness pass.

Other benefits and amenities when booking a AquaClass stateroom include:

Stateroom features include:

If you’re looking to treat yourself, you could upgrade to an Aqua Sky Suite, giving you the perks of AquaClass, but with more cabin space, access to The Retreat and other tempting benefits. Currently the Aqua Sky Suite is available on Celebrity Beyond, with plans to introduce it to the rest of the Celebrity Cruises’ fleet in the future.

The Retreat

The Retreat is an exclusive area and benefits package on Solstice Series, Millennium Series, and Edge Series ships, available at an additional cost to all Celebrity Cruises suite guests, and included in some suites – as seen above.

Not only does being a member of The Retreat include exclusive access to an onboard restaurant, lounge, and sundeck – which really does make it feel like a luxury resort onboard these already impressive cruise ships – but it also comes with enhanced amenities, concierge services, and more.

Other highlights of The Retreat include:

Two women enjoying a cocktail on a Celebrity Cruises ship

Guests who stay in a Royal Suite or above can also enjoy these additional benefits:



Luminae is the private restaurant exclusive to The Retreat guests. Elegant in design, this opulent restaurant offers a unique menu that’s not available elsewhere on the ships. Created by celebrated Michelin-starred chef Daniel Boulud, guests can take advantage of a wide range of delights for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Retreat Sundeck

A luxurious outdoor space, the sundeck is full of plush seating, a hot tub (or a water feature), a bar and a beautiful pool area. When you’re at the sundeck, there will also be attendants on hand to help you with snacks, drinks and even towels!

The Retreat Lounge

The Retreat
The Retreat

A place where you can enjoy complimentary light bites, drinks and more. The perfect spot to unwind with a good book, The Retreat Lounge is a fantastic place to take advantage of if you’re staying in a suite.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Celebrity Cruises do Family Suites?

Although there is no official Celebrity Cruises Family Suite, all of the suites available onboard Celebrity Cruises ships can accommodate either up to 4 guests or more - making them ideal for families.

There are also family-friendly cabins available in the form of connecting rooms - from Inside to Ocean View staterooms.

Celebrity Cruises Suites that are suitable for families:

Sky Suite - up to 4 guests.

Celebrity Suite - up to 4 guests.

Royal Suite - up to 4 guests.

Penthouse Suite - up to 4 guests.

Iconic Suite - up to 6 guests.

Families staying in a suite can also access all perks that come with The Retreat.

Is Suite Class Worth it on Celebrity Cruises?

Suite Class is well worth the extra money if you’re looking for extra space within your stateroom, along with more perks (such as included specialty dining or access to The Retreat). There are so many extraordinary benefits that come with booking one of the Celebrity Cruises suites that are on offer, so if you have the budget for Suite Class, then you won’t regret it.

Find the best Celebrity Cruises Suite for you

Regardless of what Celebrity Cruises suite you choose, you’re guaranteed a luxurious and extraordinary experience. Whether you opt for the Sky Suite or indulge in an Iconic Suite on one of Celebrity’s Edge Class ships, you’ll be in awe the moment you arrive on the ship.

Discover the wide range of suites and other accommodation options available on our dedicated Celebrity Cruises page. Alternatively, check out our blogs - A Guide to Celebrity Cruises Drinks Packages and The Ultimate Celebrity Cruises 2024 Guide.

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