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We’re proud to announce the first ever Iglu Cruise Awards.

The following awards categories are designed to work twofold – firstly, the lists are to provide you with a comprehensive and neatly organised portal leading to sites on your topic of interest. Secondly (and more importantly), the awards themselves are a tip of the hat towards sites which we feel set an exemplary standard in the travel community.

There are many kinds of website which we reviewed during the judging process, and the boundaries between them are often blurry.

As a general overview:
Blogs – Whether they provide news coverage from a particular location or journal a traveller’s life on the road, blogs are an indispensible asset to the travel community.
Resource Sites - Online guidebooks or other information services which form a trusted go-to point for people getting to grips with a new locale.
Podcasts – A frequently informative, always entertaining medium for sharing travel news, featured articles, reviews and just about anything else you could name.
Magazines – Ezines, whether the online equivalent of an existing publication or an exclusive site of its own, are often as massively varied as the talented teams which contribute to them.

In choosing who to bestow with an Iglu Cruise award, we adhered to a strict process in which candidates were passed through multiple stages of judging. That’s not to say the proceedings weren’t fraught with fierce debate!

To see which websites made the final cut take a look at the categories below:

We’d like to thank everyone who deservedly won an Iglu Cruise award, as well as those who just missed out this time, for their continued efforts in the field. We have no doubt that this hard work will continue long into the future.

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