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Best Niche Travel Blogs

As there really isn’t such a thing as a stereotypical traveller, there are a handful of fantastic blogs which don’t fit into the existing awards categories we have in place. Since it would be very unfortunate to have to leave these blogs out (especially as they are more than deserving of recognition,) the panel has created this additional category in order to pay homage to blogs which could be described as niche.

The following sites are an assortment of treasures such as Legal Nomads (a fun travel blog written by, as the name suggests, a lawyer) and Ottsworld, a site chronicling the adventures of a woman who escaped the corporate life and embarked on a worldwide travel odyssey. Unique travelogues such as these, written with a fresh perspective and sharp observational wit, make for essential travel reading and cannot be overlooked.

A common thread uniting the award winners in this category is their superb content and usefulness to the budding traveller. Each site is also packed with authentic travel advice which is sure to become vital when you set out on your own trips and tours.

Highly Recommended Niche Travel Blogs:

Forsighted Fly Girl - www.rosalindcummingsyeates.blogspot.com
Legal Nomads - legalnomads.blogspot.com
BlackTravels.com - blacktravels.blogspot.com
Soul of America - www.soulofamerica.com
Fly Brother - fly-brother.blogspot.com
Travel Fish - www.travelfish.org
Hike Bike Travel - hikebiketravel.com
U Go Gurl - www.ugogurl.com/index.html
Otts World - www.ottsworld.com

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