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Best Solo Travel Blog Award

Setting out on a trip without a companion can be a daunting task, especially if you expect the expedition to reach into the long-term (or, as is often the case, indefinitely). However much your fears creep into the back of your mind before or even during the trip, know that you are not alone – there are countless others traversing the big, wide world with only themselves for company, and you can follow their adventures as they occur in real-time.

If for nothing else, the following blogs deserve an Iglu Cruise travel award due to their inspirational nature. Blogging, in exactly the same way as their print equivalent, is frequently touted as a cathartic release of the author’s hopes, anxieties and dreams. There are few situations in which these are amplified more so than when travelling into the great unknown without any backup, and such circumstances often make for phenomenal tales.

Our award winning solo travel blogs are of no exception. In fact, these were the most engaging blogs we could find on the subject of solo travel from a pool of hundreds – even if you’re not planning to undertake any such trip personally, anyone fond of human adventure tales will relish in keeping up to date with the progress of the following writing travellers.

Highly Recommended Solo Travel Blogs:

Mai Travel Site - www.maitravelsite.com
Travelling Wakanoobies - www.beatentrack.info
Brooke v. The World - brookevstheworld.com
Solo Friendly - solofriendly.com
Nomadic Matt - www.nomadicmatt.com
The Longest Way Home - www.thelongestwayhome.com
The Professional Hobo - theprofessionalhobo.com
Killing Batteries - killingbatteries.com

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