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Best Around the World Travel Blog for Couples Award

Is there a finer pursuit than dropping everything and taking off around the world? Quite possibly not (especially for anyone who professes themselves as a travel junky), but your choice of companion makes a profound difference to how the whole adventure plays out.

Many couples make the move from existing in the rat-race to living on the open road with the entire world spread out before them. Taking the plunge in this way is always met with much envy from those that are left behind, but luckily for us all many couples write candidly about their life-changing odyssey as it unfolds. What’s more, since the resulting blogs are usually uploaded by two people we often get twice the content from unique perspectives, all neatly bundled in one site.

We became so absorbed in reading these blogs that it is frankly a wonder that we ever arrived at a final award winners list. We’re confident that you’ll understand why when you check out any of these splendid travelogues (picking up a few must-reads as you go). Quite literally, hours can be spent following the highs and lows of the trips, and as some sites have been running for a number of years there’s no shortage of content in the archives if you need to catch up.

Highly Recommended Around the World Travel Blog for Couples Websites:

ThePlanetd.com - theplanetd.com
Patrick and Karina do the globe - patrinadoestheglobe.blogspot.com
I Should Log Off - ishouldlogoff.com
No Hurry Curry - nohurrycurry.wordpress.com
...sending postcards - sending-postcards.blogspot.com
1000 Places to fight Before You Die - 1000fights.com
Old World Wandering - www.oldworldwandering.com
Pause The Moment - www.pausethemoment.com
Trans Americas Journey - trans-americas.com/blog
Lives Of Wander - livesofwander.com
Jet Set Citizen - www.jetsetcitizen.com

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