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The Ultimate Royal Caribbean 2024 Guide

26 January 2024

Icon of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Cruises

With a history that dates back to 1968, Royal Caribbean has grown to be one of the world’s most iconic cruise lines, boasting an impressive fleet of 28 ships, with three more coming in the near future.

The Royal Caribbean Group not only owns Royal Caribbean International, but two other popular cruise lines: Celebrity Cruises and Silversea Cruises and offers cruise enthusiasts and novices alike a cruising experience that they will never forget. 

Icon of the Seas
Icon of the Seas

From their innovative ships, with features such as the FlowRider surf simulator, to their spacious and immersive private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay, Royal Caribbean are experts within the industry and one that knows what it takes to create an unforgettable family getaway. 

Let us guide you through Royal Caribbean’s key values, what makes them unique, the impressive Royal Caribbean fleet, what’s included in a Royal Caribbean getaway and other useful information!


  1. Royal Caribbean’s Key Values
  2. Who are Royal Caribbean Cruises Suitable For?
  3. The Royal Caribbean Fleet
  4. What Makes Royal Caribbean Unique?
  5. What’s Included on a Royal Caribbean Cruise?
  6. What’s Extra Onboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise?
  7. Updates to Royal Caribbean Offerings
  8. Royal Caribbean Upcoming Events
  9. Exciting Royal Caribbean Cruise and Stay 2024/2025 Getaways
  10. Royal Caribbean Reviews
  11. Top Tips for Royal Caribbean Getaways
  12. Royal Caribbean FAQs

Royal Caribbean’s Key Values

Several fundamental principles of Royal Caribbean contribute to both its brand identity and the experience it seeks to provide. The first, is to treat suppliers, communities and employees with respect; Royal Caribbean has been frequently recognised as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute. Promoting a multicultural environment, with employees from over 120 different countries, they aim to celebrate diversity and empower their employees. 

The second, to invest in local communities and to promote culture and inclusive opportunities. And the third most significant key value is to strive for more eco-friendly cruising practices, through their sustainability initiatives. 

What Are Royal Caribbean’s Sustainability Initiatives?

Royal Caribbean has placed a large emphasis on the importance of environmental stewardship. Promoting community and environmental stewardship at every turn, they are striving to decrease the impact that each of their ships has on the world around them. Royal Caribbean have showcased this, by introducing a variety of sustainable practices and initiatives.

From starting over 30 years ago with their significant recycling programme ‘Save the Waves’ to developing a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund to help to reduce emissions, conserve energy and correctly manage the waste that’s produced, Royal Caribbean has grown to be one of the leaders in sustainable cruising. Some of the other Royal Caribbean sustainability initiatives include:

Icon of the Seas will be the first Royal Caribbean ship to be powered by fuel cell technology and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG).

Who are Royal Caribbean Cruises Suitable For?

Throughout the years, Royal Caribbean has grown to become one of the most recognisable cruise lines internationally. This is not only due to the innovative features onboard, alongside the amount of amenities they have to offer, but due to what they have to offer for all types of guests. 

Family on Perfect Day at CocoCay
Family on Perfect Day at CocoCay

For example, throughout their fleet there is an award-winning youth programme, known as Adventure Ocean which offers fun and educational activities for children aged 3-12, including science, arts and theatre activities, alongside storytime.

The Adventure Youth Programme is split into three groups: Aquanauts (3-5 years), Explorers (6-8 years) and Voyagers (9-12 years). There is also the Royal Babies & Tots Programme (6-36 months) and a teens & tweens programme (suitable for 13-15 year olds). Children of all ages will also love the ziplines, waterslides, laser tag and other family-friendly activities on offer throughout the Royal Caribbean fleet. 

However, whilst Royal Caribbean ships are primarily family focused, that doesn’t mean that adults aren’t also catered for. Throughout the fleet, adults also have spaces and activities onboard that will suit them. From the adults-only solarium that’s located at the front of every Royal Caribbean ship to the spa, nightclubs and bars & lounges, there’s something for everyone onboard.

The Royal Caribbean Fleet

As mentioned above, there are currently 28 ships within Royal Caribbean’s fleet, sitting with 7 different classes. And in 2024, there will be a new class, known as the Icon Class, which will include 2024’s Icon of the Seas and 2025’s Star of the Seas.

Read on to find out about the different ships within each class, along with the highlights of each class! 

Vision Class

Highlights of Royal Caribbean’s Vision Class

Radiance Class 

Highlights of Royal Caribbean’s Radiance Class

Voyager Class

Highlights of Royal Caribbean’s Voyager Class

Freedom Class

Highlights of Royal Caribbean’s Freedom Class

Oasis Class

Highlights of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class:

Quantum Class

Highlights of Royal Caribbean’s Quantum Class:

Quantum Ultra Class

Highlights of Royal Caribbean’s Quantum Ultra Class:

Icon Class

Highlights of Royal Caribbean’s Icon Class:

What Makes Royal Caribbean Unique

Royal Caribbean has a huge range of activities and features that stand the cruise line out from the crowd. Redefining cruising and ever evolving what they have to offer, fans of the cruise line are always at the edge of their seats to see what Royal Caribbean will next introduce. 

The top unique selling points and highlights of Royal Caribbean include:

Innovative Ships Using Futuristic Technology 

Royal Caribbean operates some of the largest and the most innovative cruise ships in the world, with groundbreaking architecture, design and onboard technology. For example, Quantum Class and Quantum Ultra Class ships have the following attractions that all utilise futuristic technology:

The World’s Largest Cruise Ships

Whilst other cruise lines, including MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and P&O Cruises also offer large cruise ships, Royal Caribbean is arguably the leader when it comes to the size of their cruise ships. With large capacities, dozens of ways to drink and dine and a huge selection of activities available, these huge cruise ships will have you in awe the moment you see them. 

The largest Royal Caribbean cruise ships include:

Unforgettable Onboard Entertainment 

There will never be a dull moment whilst onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise. With world-class cruise shows, including full-scale productions, original productions, AquaTheater shows, ice skating shows and smaller live performances available to enjoy throughout the day, you’ll soon forget you’re onboard a cruise ship! With the likes of the Broadway hit Grease to Mamma Mia, the award-winning shows that Royal Caribbean offer are out of this world. 

For those travelling onboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class ships, there’s the AquaTheater. The deepest pool at sea with impressive 30-foot-tall diving platforms, the extraordinary shows you’ll see in this theatre will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen aboard a cruise ship before.  

Royal Caribbean’s Private Island Resorts

Royal Caribbean International currently has three private island resorts, including:

Ziplining Over Labadee
Ziplining Over Labadee

Opening in 2024, Hideaway Beach is a new addition to Perfect Day at CocoCay. An adults-only escape, Hideaway Beach has several attractions that are bound to impress, including a swim-up bar, opulent cabanas and decadent food on offer within the Snack Shack restaurant. 

Find out more about these extraordinary resorts here on our blog - Royal Caribbean Private Islands.

Onboard Activities for Thrill Seekers

Whilst Royal Caribbean’s private resorts offer a huge variety of activities that are perfect for any thrill seeker, onboard their newer ships, there are features that will also take your breath away. Some of these incredible features include:

What’s Included on a Royal Caribbean Cruise?

One of the first things that you might be wondering is, what’s included on a Royal Caribbean cruise? When booking a Royal Caribbean getaway, you will have the following included:

Most of the activities onboard Royal Caribbean are also included, from the waterslides (The Perfect Storm, The Blaster, Riptide and Tidal Wave), to the Ultimate Abyss dry Slide, the FlowRider surf simulator, ice skating, bumper cars, the carousel, mini golf, basketball, fencing and the zipline. 

If you opt for a Royal Caribbean suite, not only will you benefit from larger accommodation, but some exclusive perks that turn your Royal Caribbean getaway up a notch. From Junior Suites to Ultimate Family Suites, there’s a suite for any Royal Caribbean guest, from couples to families. 

Within the Royal Suite Class there are three triers: Sea Class, Sky Class and Star Class. The top perks included within each of these tiers include:

Read more about these incredible suites on our blog - Top Royal Caribbean Suites.

What’s Extra Onboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise?

Whilst there is a wide selection of included perks and activities onboard the Royal Caribbean fleet, there are added extras you can opt for to elevate your experience. 

Bionic Bar
Bionic Bar

These include:

Updates to Royal Caribbean Offerings

2023 was an exciting year for Royal Caribbean, with several updates and announcements made. These upgrades and significant changes showcase how Royal Caribbean is frequently trying to improve the experience they offer their guests.

Hideaway Beach
Hideaway Beach

Key updates that happened in 2023 include:

Key updates for 2024 include:

Alongside the launch of Star of the Seas in 2025, Independence of the Seas will also set sail from Southampton that year. 

Royal Caribbean Upcoming Events

Royal Caribbean frequently offers themed cruises; many of which are organised by third parties. From rock cruises, to 80’s party cruises, Royal Caribbean is host to immersive and exciting themed events throughout the year across their fleet. With these themed cruises, there are activities on offer, from band photo opportunities to DJ sets and live performances.  

What Theme Nights are on Royal Caribbean?

Alongside themed cruises, there are themed nights on offer onboard Royal Caribbean getaways that last four nights and longer. Varying by ship and itinerary, you can find out about the events by looking at your cruise planner. Examples of Royal Caribbean themed nights include:

Exciting Royal Caribbean Cruise and Stay 2024/2025 Getaways

Royal Caribbean Reviews

Top Tips for Royal Caribbean Getaways

What to Wear on a Royal Caribbean Cruise

Book As Early As Possible

Royal Caribbean is a very popular cruise line, therefore cruise itineraries book quickly. Make sure that once you’ve found the best itinerary and dates for you, that you book your cruise to avoid disappointment. 

Pre-Book Drinks Packages, Internet and Dining 

Make sure to book drinks packages and internet packages ahead of your cruise for the best prices. Also, speciality dining books up quickly, so make sure that you’ve researched which ones you’d like to go onboard and make a reservation in plenty of time. 

Join Royal Caribbean Facebook Groups

Whether you’re travelling on a Royal Caribbean cruise solo or with your family, it’s worth joining a Facebook group ahead of your cruise. Within these groups, there are often handy tips and tricks, to ensure that you’re making the most of your getaway. It’s also a great way to meet fellow passengers, and find out about any events that are happening around the ship,

Royal Caribbean FAQs

What is the Oldest Ship in the Royal Caribbean Fleet?

The oldest ship that’s currently within the Royal Caribbean fleet is Grandeur of the Seas which had its maiden voyage in 1996. 

How Do I Find Out What the Theme Nights are on Royal Caribbean?

As aforementioned, to find out about themed nights, along with other events on board, you can download the Royal App and see your itinerary under the Daily Planner. 

How Much is the Drink Package on Royal Caribbean?



$15-$20 pppd





Coca-Cola Freestyle Drinks




Coca-Cola souvenir cup included




Fountain soft drinks and refills




Premium coffees and teas



Freshly squeezed juices



Bottled still and sparkling water



Non-alcoholic cocktails



Johnny Rockets milkshakes



Cocktails, spirits, beers and liqueurs 


Wines (by the glass)


*All of the above beverage packages exclude drinks that are served in the onboard Starbucks outlets. 

**Prices are subject to change and vary by ship. Current prices shown - 2023.

***Drinks packages can be purchased up to 72 hours prior to your sailing. 

Are Royal Caribbean Cruises All Inclusive?

As mentioned above, Royal Caribbean cruises come with a lot of inclusions as part of your cruise fare. These include:

Book Your Royal Caribbean Getaway with Iglu Today 

There’s so many exciting, innovative and unique features throughout the Royal Caribbean fleet, alongside itineraries that will take you to some of the world’s most incredible destinations. So what are you waiting for? Book your Royal Caribbean cruise with Iglu Cruise today and enjoy a truly unforgettable and spectacular cruise that will create memories that last a lifetime!

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