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What Activities Are Included on a Royal Caribbean Cruise?

04 January 2024

The North Star

If you’re considering booking a cruise with Royal Caribbean in the near future, you might be wondering what’s included in your fare. And whilst Royal Caribbean are known for their delicious, complimentary eateries and spacious family-friendly accommodation options, there’s another big perk that you’ll get when booking a Royal Caribbean cruise; a wide variety of included activities available throughout their extraordinary fleet. 

Suitable for all of the family and every type of holiday goer, these exciting activities and amenities are bound to impress! Whether you’re looking for thrills or to relax, Royal Caribbean has something for everyone. And best of all, you won’t have to worry about taking your wallet out! 

We’ve rounded up the top 9 activities that you can enjoy onboard, and have included the price of each activity if you were to do it on land. Showing the incredible savings you’ll access by booking a Royal Caribbean cruise and activities that you’ll not want to miss, you’ll have a blast no matter what you decide to do. 

Read on to find out more! 

Bumper Cars

Exhilarating and adrenaline-fuelled, whether you’re a child or an adult you’ll love speeding around the SeaPlex® on a bumper car. An amusement park classic that’s guaranteed to provide you with hours of fun, you’ll buckle up, dip and dodge your way around the floor.

SeaPlex Bumper Cars
SeaPlex Bumper Cars

Royal Caribbean Bumper Cars Cost

Not only is this activity complimentary**, but you won’t need to make a reservation - giving more flexibility around when you can enjoy it. With the average cost of bumper cars on land costing £5 per adult/child and £20 for a family of 4* , you’ll start to see the incredible savings the moment you enjoy this exhilarating experience!

Which Royal Caribbean Ships Have Bumper Cars?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Ride Royal Caribbean Bumper Cars?

If you are travelling with a child that’s under 8 years old and 107 cm tall, you must ride in the bumper car with them. If they are over 8 years old and 122 cm tall, they can ride in the bumper cars alone. 

Trapeze School 

Ever wanted to know what it takes to perform in the circus? Then Royal Caribbean’s extraordinary Trapeze School is perfect! Also located within the multi-functional SeaPlex®, you’ll learn what it takes to trapeze with the help of skilled performers. 

Trapeze School
Trapeze School

Fly into the air and land softly on the safety mats provided! A fun activity that guests of all ages will love, the Trapeze School is a must whilst on your cruise. And better yet, it’s completely free to enjoy. With the average cost of this activity on land costing £5 per adult/child and £20 for a family of 4*, it’s another opportunity to see the money you’re saving whilst on a Royal Caribbean getaway.

How Old Do You Have to be to Enjoy Royal Caribbean’s Trapeze School?

Guests aged 6+ can enjoy Royal Caribbean’s Trapeze School throughout their cruise. 

Which Royal Caribbean Ships Have Circus School?

RipCord by iFLY

Another unique activity onboard Royal Caribbean cruises is the rip roaring RipCord by iFLY. Gravity-defying, you’ll feel the rush of air as you lift up into the sky and feel the wind beneath you! 


Suitable for guests aged 3+, this extraordinary activity will make you feel lighter than a feather. The only cruise line to offer it, you’ll have a hair-raising experience and feel what it’s like to skydive. 

What is the Weight Limit for RipCord by iFLY?

The weight limit for RipCord by iFLY is 230 lbs. 

How Do You Book RipCord by iFLY?

You can book RipCord by iFLY either on your Cruise Planner or onboard. 

Is RipCord Free on Royal Caribbean?

On land, this electrifying activity will cost approximately £60 for an adult and £30 for a child, meaning that a family of 4 would cost £180*. However, on a large selection of sailings, you’ll be able to enjoy a 60 second experience completely complimentary.***

Which Royal Caribbean Ships Have RipCord by iFLY?

North Star 

Reach new heights with Royal Caribbean’s incredible North Star. Providing breathtaking views out over the ocean, this awe-inspiring feature has even won a Guinness World Record! 

North Star
North Star

Available to book through the Cruise Planner, this family-friendly activity will elevate your cruise to a whole new level. 

What is North Star on Royal Caribbean? 

The tallest viewing deck at sea, the North Star is an observation capsule that takes you 300 feet above the sea. The perfect photo opportunity, you’ll experience breathtaking 360 degree ocean or land views. 

Which Royal Caribbean Ships Have the North Star?

Is the North Star Free on Royal Caribbean?

On port days, the North Star is complimentary, saving you up to £132 for a family of 4 (£35 per adult, £31 per child)*. However, fees do apply on sea days and on specific sailings. 

Royal Caribbean North Star Weight/Age Restrictions 

To enjoy the North Star you must be at least 107 cm tall (accompanied by a guardian) or 122 cm to ride alone. There is a maximum weight limit of 136 kg. 

West End Shows 

There’s nothing like seeing a dazzling show in a theatre. From the bright lights to the ecstatic vocal and dance performances, you’ll be transported into another world as you sit back and enjoy the show. 

West End Shows in the Theatre
West End Shows in the Theatre

And onboard Royal Caribbean, you won’t have to worry about the huge costs that come with seeing a West End show. With shows like We Will Rock You and Grease on offer, you’ll have an enchanting night that you’ll never forget. Saving up to £400* for a family of four, you’ll leave the show with the toe-tapping tunes in your head and memories that last forever. 

Alongside West End style entertainment in the Royal Theater and Alhambra Theater, onboard Oasis Class ships there’s that innovative AquaTheater showcasing breathtaking dive shows, and multimedia performances in Two70 on Quantum Class, a cutting-edge theatre that comes alive at night!

How Long do Shows Last on Royal Caribbean?

Theatre shows onboard Royal Caribbean last up to 2 hours. 

Rock Climbing Wall

Another exhilarating and fun activity on board Royal Caribbean ships is climbing the Rock Climbing Wall. Located at the aft of the ships, you can reach up to a hair-raising height of 12 metres and take in the ocean views. 

Rock Climbing Wall

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, you’ll love the feeling of accomplishment you’ll get when you reach the top! And best of all, not only is this activity free onboard Royal Caribbean (saving your family up to £100!*) but no reservation is required, meaning that you can enjoy as many times as you want!

Rock Climbing Wall Royal Caribbean Restrictions

You must be 6 years old to climb the rock climbing wall. 

Which Royal Caribbean Ships Have a Rock Climbing Wall?

The RockWall is onboard all of Royal Caribbean’s fleet.

FlowRider® Surf Simulator

It’s no secret that the FlowRider® surf simulator is one of the most popular attractions onboard Royal Caribbean. An engineering marvel, the 12-metre-wide surf simulator is one of the best free things to do at sea, and offers the perfect opportunity to hone your surfing skills. 


Whether you take on the waves standing up or enjoy it in boogie-style, you’ll feel 10,000 litres of water rush towards and the wind flow through your hair! A huge draw for all of the family, Royal Caribbean is the only cruise line to offer this extraordinary activity at sea. 

Is FlowRider® Free on Royal Caribbean? 

The FlowRider® surf simulator is free in your cruise fare, meaning that you can take to the ‘waves’ as many times as you want throughout your cruise. On land, this thrilling activity costs approximately £30 for a child and £30 for an adult, meaning that if you’re a family of four, you can access up to £120 in savings*! 

If you want to book a lesson on the FlowRider®, this is available at an additional cost and can be arranged through your Cruise Planner. 

Royal Caribbean FlowRider® Height Restrictions

If you are standing up on the board, you have to be 147 cm tall. To boogie board, the minimum height requirement is 132 cm tall. 

Which Royal Caribbean Ships Have a FlowRider® Surf Simulator?

Roller Disco 

Another exciting activity in the indoor active space, the SeaPlex®, is roller skating. Giving you a chance to put on some skates and speed your way around the floor, this complimentary activity can be enjoyed alongside bumper cars and trapeze school. 

Roller Disco

Saving you up to £60 for a family of 4*, you can let loose and connect with your inner child! Hours of fun will be had in the SeaPlex®, no matter what you want to do!

Which Royal Caribbean Ships Have a Roller Rink?

Quantum Class ships (Quantum of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas, Ovation of the Seas) have a roller rink onboard.

Movies Under the Stars

There’s nothing like watching a movie under the night sky. And on Royal Caribbean, you can do exactly that. Featuring large outdoor screens, you can watch the latest and greatest movies, live sporting events and more next to the picturesque pool. 

Movies Under the Stars Aboard Grandeur of the Seas
Movies Under the Stars Aboard Grandeur of the Seas

Snuggle up under the stars with a warm blanket and snacks and enjoy a movie night that’s unlike any other. And, you can put your wallet away! This free activity will save you £20 an adult and £15 for children, resulting in £70*of savings for a family of 4. 

Which Royal Caribbean Ships Have Movies Under the Stars?

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**Fees apply to China sailings. Prices are subject to change.

*** Fees on sailings departing from the UK, China, Singapore, the Caribbean and Alaska. Prices are subject to change. Other terms and conditions may apply.

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