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Mexico’s stunning ports and tourist spots are popular cruise destinations as either part of a Caribbean cruise or voyage down the western coast of the Americas, and often possible to do both thanks to the Panama Canal to the south- a fascinating destination in its own right. On the east coast you have the island of Cozumel and nearby Cancun while west is Puerto Quetzal, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. Top times to go meanwhile are migration seasons for spotting whales on the east coast while the Day of the Dead fiestas in inland Mexico City are perfect for a cruise and stay holiday, as are the country's iconic Aztec monuments and history.

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Situated right in the middle of the Americas, Mexico is featured as part of many cruises of the western hemisphere without always being the main attraction itself. The perfect central point, you have Hawaii to the west, the USA and Alaska to the north, Latin America to the south and the beautiful Caribbean to the east all connected by the Panama Canal.

Although most are fly cruises either via Miami or Fort Lauderdale to the east and Los Angeles or San Francisco to the west, some no-fly cruises do depart direct from the UK in the form of classic transatlantic voyages or world cruises. Meanwhile, cruise and stay packages are also a fantastic way to explore further inland Mexico, such as discovering the fascinating history, culture and architecture of the Aztecs and celebrating the fiesta of the Day of the Dead namely in the capital, Mexico City.


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