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Voyager of the Seas Reviews

A great range of Voyager of the Seas reviews written by our customers. To write your own Voyager of the Seas review click the link on the right.
Average rating: 4 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 6 (from 15 reviews)

6 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 6     (3)

5 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 6     (6)

4 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 6     (1)

3 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 6     (3)

2 out of 62 out of 62 out of 62 out of 62 out of 62 out of 6     (0)

1 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 6     (2)

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Latest Voyager of the Seas Reviews

User Rating: 1 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 6
Date: 08 Dec 2016
Summary:  Just come back from a cruise on Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas. This was not my first cruise with Royal Caribbean but it was the worst holiday experience of my 56 years. The company has definitely reduced the quality of its product to the point where this now resembles a floating stag party complete with nightly rugby songs, disgusting food served on plastic plates and de-salinated water served in plastic glasses. Service was third rate and complaints got heated all around us in the restaurants, by the pools at customer service................ Everything was a rip off, drinks, excursions, water, service charges, TV, internet, next cruise purchases, shops........... It took some considerable skill to navigate all the Royal Caribbean scams. On three of our stops we queued for hours to get on and off the ship because of Royal Caribbean incompetence and then instead of saying sorry Royal Caribbean blamed the Australian Authorities. I have never been on a cruise where guests we so anti the operator. I honestly thought there was going to be a riot at one stage because the food was so bad and Royal Caribbean just kept apologising and giving out worthless cruise vouchers but did nothing about the problems. On the first day, Royal Caribbean messed up the loading of cases and in some instances it took 12 hours to match guest with case. Customer Services just spouted lie after lie to try to appease the angry mob. Most guests had to go to Level 1 to retrieve their own cases. Many of the cases had been opened by Royal Caribbean and items taken out such as alcohol without the owner present. There are some lovely cruise companies out there Royal Caribbean isn't one of them.
User Rating: 1 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 61 out of 6
Date: 18 Jun 2015
Summary:  We waited a while to give a more considered review. We have been on about 20 cruises with many different cruise companies in all parts of the world. This was our first time with Royal Caribbean and it was our last. The itinerary was wonderful and the ship kept to schedule, and it didn't sink.The enrichment lectures on Economics were excellent. We didn't get norovirus or food poisoning and we didn't put on weight. But the good news almost ends there, on the other hand if you don't expect much you won't be disappointed. The lines at check in were long (as they were elsewhere on the ship) but we were on board within 90 minutes. Our cabin was quiet, convenient and nicely presented. Our attendant was very good, the towels were reasonable, although we did take issue with the "Pub style" shampoo/shower gel dispenser. We went on deck to watch events on the dockside to see the crew fishing someone's suitecase out of the "oggin" - someone's holiday ruined - not ours thank goodness, but it set the tone of things to come. We went to the dining room to see what delicacies were on offer for dinner - no menu displayed. When I enquired of the dining room staff - I was quite brusquely told it was displayed outside, when I asked them to show me, they couldn't. It seems the dining room menu is displayed on an LED screen when "they" remember to switch it on, the menu is generic, that is to say typical, non specific. So you are unable to decide whether to visit the dining room based on the LED menu. We did and were quite disappointed. Coffee is an optional extra, unless you want instant served in a builders mug - as it was served to us. (No offence - Builders) Although breakfast was quite nice, Dinner in the dining room was nothing special, 2 courses and cheese or a pudding, coffee extra. The service was patchy, and quite slow. Similarly the food in the Windjammer cafeteria, with noteable exceptions adequate. Don't expect many vegetables save roasted carrots and peas. The lines were long, if you could find a seat, cutlery or plates! Large areas were frequently roped off making seating a crush. Don't expect afternoon tea, or the restaurants to be open after you have been ashore as they close at 1500hrs. A small snack bar was, however, open at most times, and their pizza were good. The service was very mixed, by a crew from many countries, individual stewards were helpful - sort of, but they get their tips anyway so why bother doing anything extra.. The main problem appeared to be lack of training and supervision. Moreover RCI didn't seem to understand the cultures from which they recruited staff. We saw examples of this elsewhere. We found the ship cold, with the air con in overdrive, except in areas where you might spend cash - the casino, shopping area and bars. There were few quiet sitting areas and no lounges for the sea days. If you don't expect much by way of port information you'll not be disappointed. Ok they told you when to be back on board - they even announced that wrongly on one occasion. True in Hong Kong the port provided buses to the nearest MRT, and on arrival at Tokyo shuttles were provided to the nearest station, but elsewhere you were on your own. Fortunately the port authorities were very helpful, save in Vietnam and Taiwan. Interestingly when we were in Taiwan, we took the local train to Tiapei a delightful city. We were approached and warned that they had had an earthquake and were expecting aftershocks. They briefed us on what to do in such an emergency. Did RCI trouble to warn us - they did not. Three guesses as to why that was!! Whilst on the subject of safety, RCI did carry out an emergency drill - of sorts. It was imaginary rather than real, no need to fetch your life jacket or follow the escape routes, just pitch up at your muster station, get your name ticked off and watch someone put a life jacket on. No need to try and fit one yourself. The briefing, made no mention of alternative escape routes or fire doors closing, blocking your escape, or the dangers of falling over lifejacket straps. All the briefings were given by a non native english speaker. They were difficult to understand and in an emergency "Our highly trained staff will guide you and help you" -we saw few examples of well trained or supervised staff. Having been on a cruise ship in an emergency, I can assure you good communication and good drills save lives. Oh and don't expect any security around the ship in port, beyound the normal port security. This alone was quite worrying. In the end we resigned ourselves to accepting that RCI provide a rather expensive and barely adequate ferry service. We would never sail with them again even if they paid us!!
User Rating: 3 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 6
Date: 28 May 2015
Summary:  Ship was OK but there were some significant shortfalls. 1. Distinct lack of choice of wines at dinner. It was obvious that they had run stocks down as the next cruise was almost exclusively for Chinese customers and they do not drink much alcohol. 2. Meal selections from the menus did not always match the description. Excuses were 'had run out of that vegetable/fruit/sauce'. 3. Excursions were expensive and despite booking an English speaking guide the English spoken was often poor. Too many unspecified and unnecessary stops at factories/retail outlets and therefore not enough time at the destinations that were paid for. 4. Cabin steward had to be reminded to replace used items. 5. Decision to stop at Sapporo was a mistake. A waste of a day. and money.
User Rating: 6 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 6
Date: 01 Apr 2014
Summary:  I found service in the resaurant to be excellent. The waiters looked after us and attended to our every need. I am a disabled person in a wheelchair and found the cabin to be great. It could , however, be improved slightly. I found the rail behind the shower seat to be annoying as it prevented me sitting near the wall. The seat lacked a vertical rail to grab which would have added stability to my sitting position. A vertical grab rail near the toilet would also have benefited movement and stability. The public wheelchair accessible toilets on the ship were marked male or female, This caused a problem as I am female and my carer is male. I think this may have caused a problem with some of your other travellers. Unisex disabled toilets may be a better idea. I would thank you greatly for providing a lifter into and out of the pool. It is a faciity I use regularly as a means to maintain my health. I enjoyed my holiday so much (10 nights on the Voyager, March 2014 to Fiji ) that I will be taking another in September on the Radiance (Hawaii to Sydney). Thank you for the experience.
User Rating: 3 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 63 out of 6
Date: 22 Mar 2013
Summary:  Both my wife and myself were looking forward to this cruise for quite some time, and the wait was certainly worth it, yes sure we experienced some areas that could be improved upon, however overall the whole experience was great. WZe flew out to Perth western Australia and boarded the ship at freemantle for our cruise of a lifetime. My first impression of the ship was how big it was, just huge, we had a balcony which was great. Entertainment aboard the ship was not as good as it was aboard the Queen Mary, however it was passable. Facilities aboard were ok, the staff aboard were very hard working throughout the voyage.The voyage took in several ports in Australia before going over to New Zealand then back to Sydney where we left the ship Overall impression is that the ship is too big, even though the voyage was okay I would not travel on the voyager again, one of their smaller ships, yes.
User Rating: 4 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 64 out of 6
Date: 30 Jun 2012
Summary:  Far East Cruise-June 2012. Just returned from this cruise (our first ever cruise). Had a brilliant holiday and visited lots of lovely places. Food. staterooms, staff all fantastic. One little criticism... getting off and back onto the ship was at times very disorganised. This needs to be sorted before there is a mutiny!!! Also we pre-ordered our wine only to find the one we had ordered wasn't available!!!
User Rating: 5 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 6
Date: 16 Nov 2011
Summary:  My wife and I and the sister in law were on the Voyager last Autumn. The mother in law was susposed to come along, but due to illness we had to change plans at the last minute. Embarkation at Barcelona was swift and we were onboard within about 30 minutes. Our rooms weren't ready yet, this seems to happen a lot of cruises boarding at Barcelona. No complaints here, we just headed straight to the Windjammer for lunch instead. The Voyager, although the oldest in the Voyager class, it is still in pretty good shape. Our Promenade view room, the first time we had chosen this category, was a good choice: costing slightly more than an inside room but with a view of the Royal Promenade and similar size to a small balcony room. We would definitely choose this category again. One of my favourite features of the Royal Promenade is the 24 hour cafe which came in very handy for any late night drinks and snacks. The food, service and presentation in the main dining room were all good and the buffet offered plenty of choice and seating. Entertainment was varied and the ice show was good as usual. With the large number of passengers on the cruise, we were happy to find some peace and quiet at the top of the ship in the Viking Crown lounge area which also offered good views. The itinerary for this cruise was Western Mediterranean. We enjoyed the ports, but we have been to all of them on previous cruises before.
User Rating: 6 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 66 out of 6
Date: 08 Nov 2011
Summary:  Voyager of the Seas was the first Royal Caribbean ship that I ever went on, having previously only travelled with NCL. I went with my wife, my mum and my brother. My mum doesn't travel much so it was a treat to her to be able to try out so many activities and sample the diversity in food at the same time. She loved it. For me, the ship is at the optimum size possible, not too big, not too small. There's a lot of public spaces to sit, yet the passenger capacity is not so big that it gets overcrowded wherever you go. The waiting time for dinner or the seating time for shows were acceptable, unlike the larger ships. My mum loved the high street, it was almost unbelievable for her that a ship can be as big as the entire street where she lives. Despite not having some of the flashy things like the wave machine, it didn't concern us as there are more than enough for the ship to keep us entertained for the 2 weeks or so we were onboard. The dining room was extremely grand, the theatre was massive and the skate rink was cosy. For me who has only made 8 cruises all on different ships, the Voyager of the Seas is my favourite.
User Rating: 5 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 6
Date: 05 Nov 2011
Summary:  My family and I had a lovely time on this ship. The staff were great, very friendly but not over the top. The service in the restaurant was top class, as was the food. You could eat and drink practically all day and night, there was a good choice of food at various places. There were plenty of things to do and a good choice of stops. We had an inside cabin which meant it was very dark at night, if we went again I think I'd pay the extra and get a cabin with a balcony. There was a small cinema showing current films, the evening shows were ok, some better than others, the show on ice was very good. One complaint was the size of the swimming pool which was small and also the water was very cold so I didn't actually go in it. The gym was well stocked with equipment and the various hot tubs were good.
User Rating: 5 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 65 out of 6
Date: 05 Nov 2011
Summary:  This was our first cruise and my husband and I couldn't believe how amazing this ship was when we first boarded. I hadn't told him about the promanade onboard and his eyes nearly popped out his head when he saw a street down the middle of the ship! The glass lifts also added to the wow factor when we made out way to our stateoom. We were welcomed by our attendant and he made our stay special with his friendly greetings every time he saw us. The entertainment on the ship is good but the ice show was excellent! The food was amazing and we used the Italian speciality restaurant for my 50th Birthday - the evening was so memorable and again the service was excellent. I went to the spa to have a manicure and was impressed by their service too. I would definitely return to this ship and it has spurred us to go on three other RCI ships of the same class since this first time. I booked through Iglu and at a time there was volcanic ash-clouds but the service I received from Iglu's staff was excellent- when we needed answers, they gave them.

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