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There's no better way to discover the many wonders of our amazingly diverse planet than with a world cruise, unlocking the door to countless cultures, cuisines, landscapes and wildlife. With no limit to what you can see and do on your grand voyage, you'll be able to tick off once-in-a-lifetime bucket list experiences each day. Sail past the Statue of Liberty as you head into New York, traverse the modern marvel of engineering that is the Panama Canal, see the Great Pyramids of Egypt, explore the ancient caricature of Mediterranean cities such as Rome’s Colosseum and sample exotic dishes made fresh in Asia - the world is truly your oyster.

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An around the world cruise is the perfect opportunity to embark on an unforgettable adventure, giving guests the chance to sail the high seas and beyond for up to six months. Alternatively, for those who can't quite fit a 6-month cruise into their life, there is the option to join for just a section of the journey with several varied itineraries available to meet your every need. Choose from a whole host of shorter world cruises and discover destinations you had previously only dreamed of.

Popular sectors include Singapore to Southampton, Southampton to Dubai or Cape Town to Southampton. Where flights to long haul destinations are required, such as Hong Kong, Mumbai and Sydney, cruise passengers can take the opportunity to add a couple of hotel nights to explore these fascinating destinations as part of a cruise and stay holiday.

World Cruise Lines

With many lines offering around the world cruises, here are some of the most popular to choose from:

P&O World Cruise

Setting sail from Southampton, what better way to explore the world than on a P&O world cruise. Lasting for almost 100 days, you can expect a wealth of onboard activities coupled with shore excursions that take you right to the heart of life at each port of call.

Cunard World Cruise

Cunard are one of the masters of world cruises, meaning that you can travel from Southampton in complete luxury, stopping off at some of the best ports of call around the globe including Fort Lauderdale, Auckland, Ho Chi Minh City and Cape Town. The perfect combination of a ship full of delicious cuisine, engaging entertainment and exciting destinations makes for the cruise of a lifetime.

MSC World Cruise

Offering over 50 destinations across some 30 countries, an MSC world cruise really is something special. Travelling in style on one of their elegant ships, MSC world cruises offer fantastic shore excursions which will help you to get stuck into the culture, history and local life of every place you visit.

Fred. Olsen World Cruise

Lasting more than 100 days and taking guests on once in a lifetime itineraries, a Fred. Olsen grand voyage will take you on an unforgettable adventure. As you immerse yourself in the culture, history, cuisine and entertainment of countries around the world, you'll also get to sit back, relax and enjoy your time at sea on comfortable and stylish ships.

World Cruises From Southampton

World Cruises departing from the UK generally start from Southampton, meaning that not only will you be able to enjoy exploring all four corners of the globe, but you can do so without having to worry about long haul flights and small luggage allowances.

World Cruise Itinerary

While the itinerary may differ slightly depending on which cruise line you choose, a typical cruise around the world from Southampton could look like this:

  • Cruise westbound over to the US or the Caribbean before sailing through the Pacific, via Hawaii, to Australia and New Zealand
  • Continue around Asia before moving on to India and around the Andaman & Nicobar Islands
  • From here you may either travel through the Suez Canal and on to cruise the Mediterranean or around Africa before journeying up the South and North Atlantic coasts

While sailing westbound is the most common, some world voyages may cruise eastbound, visiting similar destinations but in reverse.

If a cruise around the world sounds like an adventure you could get on board with be sure to read our World Cruise Frequently Asked Questions, and browse our Luxury World Cruises to find the best voyage for you. Alternatively, see our recent blog - Ultra-Luxury World Cruises 2023, 2024 and 2025.

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