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There is no better way to discover the many wonders of our amazingly diverse planet than with a world cruise, unlocking the door to countless cultures, cuisines, landscapes and wildlife. There’s no limit to what you can do and see on your grand voyage, ticking off once-in-a-lifetime bucket list experiences each day. Sail past the Statue of Liberty as you head into New York, traverse the modern marvel of engineering that is the Panama Canal, see the Great Pyramids of Egypt, explore the ancient caricature of Mediterranean cities such as Rome’s Colosseum and sample exotic dishes made fresh in Asia.

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Set off on a full world cruise and you could be sailing the high seas and beyond for up to six months if it suits. There is also the option to join for just a section of the journey and several varied itineraries exist to meet your every need. Choose from a whole host of shorter world cruises and discover destinations you had only dreamed of.

Popular sectors include Singapore to Southampton, Southampton to Dubai or Cape Town to Southampton. Where flights to long haul destinations are required, such as Hong Kong, Mumbai and Sydney, cruise passengers often take the opportunity to add a couple of hotel nights to explore these fascinating destinations both before and after their cruise.

What to Expect

World Cruises departing from the UK generally start from Southampton and cruise westbound over to the US or the Caribbean before sailing through the Panama Canal and across the Pacific, via Hawaii, to Australia and New Zealand.

From here you then normally continue around Asia before moving on to India, around the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and then either through the Suez Canal and on to cruise the Mediterranean or around Africa before journeying up the South and North Atlantic coasts. Some, meanwhile, may sail eastbound but still take in most of the above cruise destinations.

You can book a full world cruise holiday, typically ranging from 80 to 110 days depending on the itinerary, or just book one or two sectors. If you choose these, you simply fly out and meet up with your desired ship during the world cruise. Here, you can spend longer in your destination of choice with a cruise and stay holiday.

If you are interested in world cruise sectors or shorter voyages, you may also like to know more about a transatlantic cruise, a cruise from New York or Red Sea cruise.

World Cruise Offers

World cruises and sector voyages not only offer a uniquely enjoyable way of travelling the globe, but often have amazing onboard benefits, especially if booked early. Many will include around £100 - £1000 onboard spending money, free excursions, and free upgrades to the exclusive dining restaurants. Additional benefits like free Wi-Fi can be enjoyed when booking through Iglu Cruise.

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