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World Cruise FAQ

world cruise faq

Our cruise experts are passionate about cruise travel and have sailed far and wide the world over. Their favourite pastime, second only to cruising the world itself, is talking about world cruise and sharing an exclusive treasure trove of tips and knowledge with anyone eager to find out more.

A world cruise is the perfect way to visit and experience a wealth of diverse destinations with ease and in absolute comfort. Most world cruises now feature the option to add hotel stays and with multiple overnights in port and plenty of shore excursions you can truly explore to your hearts content.

World cruise itineraries can include bucket list moments like cruising through the Panama Canal, watching the sunset over the iconic Sydney Harbour, or stepping ashore to walk the awe-inspiring Great Wall of China. You can cover multiple continents and experience several countries and their cultures, treat your taste-buds to new cuisine, learn different languages and make many new friends, all on a world cruise.

Itineraries are available of varying durations and you can choose to be sailing from two weeks to six months depending on your cruise needs. A world cruise sector is the perfect insight to a world cruise. You’ll meet up with your desired ship, explore some fascinating and exciting destinations and can see first-hand what to expect from a world cruise.

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World Cruise Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which world cruise is right for me?

A. Many cruise lines offer world cruises, each providing different itineraries and experiences and with varying offers. There are many factors to consider before booking your world cruise including, cruise duration, destinations featured in the itinerary, ship size, ship style, cabin type, accessibility, food and drink, entertainment, connectivity and more. Our cruise experts are here to help you answer these questions and narrow down cruises to find you the most suitable sailing.

Q. How long should I sail for?

This is entirely up to you and dependent on how much time you can allow for a world cruise. If you are new to cruising and want to test the waters, you can easily find world cruise sectors and exotic voyages beginning from 10 days to give you the ideal introduction. If you are an avid cruiser and have plenty of time, why not try a 90 day cruise to see some spectacular destinations.

Q. What should I pack for a world cruise?

This will mostly depend on your chosen itinerary and the time of year that you are sailing. Check out our tips on packing for different climate zones. Consider formal wear as most cruise lines will have several formal nights during a world cruise or world cruise sector. Layering is a great way to mix up your day to day wear and there are often shopping facilities onboard should you wish to purchase something new. Laundry facilities are common but always check with your travel agent what to expect for your particular cruise. Don’t forget your sunblock, passport and camera, essentials no matter where you are.

Q. How many formal nights can I expect?

This will depend on the cruise line you have chosen to sail with. Luxury cruise lines like Cunard tend to have between 1-3 formal nights per week. Your travel agent will be able to advise you further.

Q. What cabin should I choose?

The most important things to consider when choosing your cabin for a world cruise are comfort, space and location. You could be at sea for a few months so make sure you pick a comfortable cabin with enough space to give you a home away from home. If you can, go for a balcony cabin so that you can take in the countless amazing views during your voyage. Speak to your travel agent about the location of your cabin. You might want to be away from busy areas like lifts and main points of access to avoid unwanted noise. If you’re solo and sociable you may want the opposite and to be near the action.

Q. When is the best time to book a world cruise?

A. The best time to book a world cruise is typically from the moment the cruise goes on sale. Prices don't tend to fall so the best value cabins get snapped up quickly by those in the know. Deposits are usually around 15% so booking early gives you the flexibility to gradually pay off the balance over a year or more. Another great way to get the best deal on a future world cruise is to book whilst you are onboard, this way you can benefit from special offers often involving free spend or onboard cost.

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