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A Quick Guide to Virgin Voyages’ Sailing Club

04 July 2024

Sailor on Virgin Voyages

Does Virgin Voyages Have a Loyalty Programme?

Virgin Voyages are a vibrant, popular cruise line that’s quickly made its name in the industry for fun and extraordinary cruise getaways. Offering adults-only cruises around the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Northern Europe and beyond, Virgin Voyages’ fleet has over 20+ eateries, magical entertainment and stylish accommodation to take advantage of. 

If you’re considering sailing with this unique cruise line in the near future, you might be interested in joining their Sailing Club loyalty programme, which gives you a range of benefits and offers that increase the more that you cruise with them. 

In this guide, we’ll take you through how to join Virgin Voyages’ Sailing Club, what perks you’ll receive at each membership level and more useful information. 

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How do you join Virgin Voyages’ Sailing Club? When you’ve completed your first cruise with Virgin Voyages, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the Sailing Club.

Membership level Number of cruises
Virgin Voyages’ Sailing Club member After 1 cruise
Blue Extras 3-4 cruises
Deep Blue Extras 5+ cruises

To be enrolled in the Virgin Voyages’ Sailing Club, you’ll need to have sailed on a voyage that’s been paid for in full. Any reduced rate voyages are not eligible for membership perks. For example, if you’ve used a discounted access key, it’s a gifted cruise, a free casino cruise or a cruise that’s been purchased with airline points, you won’t receive Sailing Club benefits. 

How do you earn virgin voyages loyalty programme perks? Like other cruise line’s loyalty programmes, with Virgin Voyages’ Sailing Club, the more you sail, the more benefits you unlock. Once you’ve completed two voyages you’ll move up to the Blue Extras tier and can start to enjoy a wider range of perks on your third cruise, and after four voyages, you’ll move up to the Deep Blue Extras tier, where you can take advantage of VIP perks on your fifth getaway with Virgin Voyages.

Virgin Voyages’ Sailing Club Perks 

Whilst all Virgin Voyages’ guests will benefit from access to 20+ eateries, included gratuities, essential Wi-Fi, workout classes, essential drinks and captivating entertainment and events onboard, by joining Virgin Voyages’ Sailing Club, you can unlock a wide selection of other exclusive perks that you can take advantage of after your first getaway. 

All members of the Virgin Voyages' Sailing Club can access exclusive offers, priority alert to promotions and a members quarterly newsletter once they've enrolled. However, alongside these, you'll be able to benefit from the following when you reach the Blue Extras and Deep Blue Extras tier:

Virgin Voyages Sailing Club Perks Blue Extras Deep Blue Extras
Speciality coffee 1 a day 2 a day
Cocktail event (1 per sailing) / /
Complimentary laundry 1 bag 2 pressed items, 1 bag, 1 speciality cleaned item
Dedicated Sailor Services assistance (via phone pre-cruise and a desk onboard) / /
$100 Bar Tab credit /
Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi /
Priority boarding at embarkation /

If you are a Sea Rover or Sea Blazer you’ll automatically unlock the Deep Blue Extra membership perks. 

Virgin Voyages Loyalty Programme Status Match

A good perk that Virgin Voyages offers is that they have a loyalty programme status match; this means if you’ve got loyalty status with select other cruise lines, you’ll be able to match your membership status with that of Virgin Voyages’ Sailing Club. However, this is only for a limited time, so make sure you apply for this as soon as possible. 

Currently, Virgin Voyages will status match with the following cruise loyalty programmes:

If you’ve joined Virgin Voyages’ Sailing Club via the Status Match programme, you’ll automatically receive Blue Extras on your first voyage and after 5 cruises, unlock Deep Blue Extras perks. 

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Top Virgin Voyages’ Sailing Club Terms and Conditions 

*Other terms and conditions apply. Information is correct as of July 2024.

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