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The Ultimate Virgin Voyages 2024 Guide

14 February 2024

Valiant Lady at sunset

One of the newest cruise lines, Virgin Voyages was founded in 2014. However, despite the fact that the cruise line is so new, it’s rapidly becoming one of the most popular, with four ships currently in the fleet with the first being Scarlet Lady (2021) and the latest, Brilliant Lady which is due to set sail in 2024. 

An extraordinary cruise line offering adults-only cruises, Virgin Voyages is beloved by cruise enthusiasts and first time cruisers due to the variety of unique shows and how relaxed the atmosphere is. 

With the renowned Virgin name behind it, Virgin Voyages encompasses the ‘cheeky’ and ‘playfullness’ of its brand name, with a risque nature that makes it stand out from the crowd amongst others within the industry. The flamboyance and freeing nature of the cruise line is perhaps the biggest draw to cruise guests that are looking for a cruise getaway that’s unlike anything they’ve experienced before. 

Read on to find out more about Virgin Voyages’ key values, the fleet, top highlights on Virgin Voyages’ ships, what’s included on Virgin Voyages and other useful information that you can use to decide whether this cruise line is right for you!


  1. Virgin Voyages Awards
  2. Virgin Voyages Key Values
  3. Virgin Voyages Fleet
  4. Virgin Voyages Top Highlights
  5. Dining Highlights on Virgin Voyages
  6. What’s Included on a Virgin Voyages Cruise
  7. What’s Extra on a Virgin Voyages Cruise
  8. Virgin Voyages Updates
  9. Upcoming Tailor Made Getaways
  10. Virgin Voyages Guest Reviews
  11. Virgin Voyages Top Tips

Virgin Voyages Awards

Virgin Voyages, while being new to the cruise world have already bagged a ton of awards. Including the 2023 Cruise Critic’s Editor’s Pick Award for Best New Ship for Resilient Lady, along with Cruise Critic’s Cruisers’ Choice 2023 Award for Best Overall Cruise Line in the large ship category, best cabins, best dining, best entertainment and best value for money. 

Other notable awards they’ve won include:

Virgin Voyages Key Values

Virgin Voyages’ Brand Purpose encompasses ‘An Epic Sea Change for All’. Basing this motto on five creeds, they aim to strengthen the relationship between the cruise line itself and the crew working aboard the fleet:

Virgin Voyages encourages the crew onboard to be themselves, with a more relaxed vibe:

“We want our crew to feel comfortable being who they are. Our differences don't hold us back. They bring us together and help us shine. We want to learn about you, who you are, where you're from, and what you bring to the table.”

Virgin Voyages Sustainability Goals

"There is nothing more important in this world than our oceans, and we're on a mission to protect them and set an example. Success needn't compromise sustainability"

- Richard Branson

Person surrounded by mountains
Person surrounded by mountains

Virgin Voyages is aiming to secure a more environmentally friendly future within the cruise industry by helping enforce more sustainable onboard policies and through partnering with not-for-profit organisations to help to protect the oceans for years to come. 

Virgin Voyages’ onboard policies when it comes to cruise sustainability include:

Virgin Voyages Fleet

All of the ships within the fleet are identical, with the same restaurants, bars, lounges and entertainment spaces throughout each of them. So you know exactly what to expect across the fleet.

Brilliant Lady sailing
Brilliant Lady sailing

Virgin Voyages’ fleet includes:

Each ship includes

Virgin Voyages Top Highlights

Virgin Voyages has many unique features that make it an extraordinary cruise line, and one that appeals to a variety of guests, aged 18+. From the huge selection of onboard restaurants, including a range of different cuisines from Korean to Mexican to quirky entertainment and a bar tab available (a unique alternative to the traditional drinks packages), Virgin Voyages are paving the way to a modern and remarkable cruising experience. 

Squid Ink
Squid Ink

Here's some of the other top highlights that you can look forward to:

Paint the Town Red at Scarlet Night

Most cruise lines have themed nights; but these usually consist of formal wear or related to a particular decade, such as the 1980s. But onboard Virgin Voyages, they’ve turned typical cruise theme nights up a notch, with Scarlet Night; arguably the most exciting night aboard Virgin Voyages, where the ships are transformed. 

From extraordinary décor to pop up circus performances, live music, a pool party and more. On Scarlet Night, guests are encouraged to adorn their favourite red attire, and to be as flamboyant as they wish. 

Entertainment in The Red Room 

Whether you’re a cruise enthusiast or a novice, chances are that you’ll know the type of entertainment that’s typically offered aboard cruise ships; including musical performances in the theatre. And whilst Virgin Voyages also offers more traditional entertainment in the form of musicians playing throughout the day, there are not traditional performances in their theatre. 

The Red Room is a transformational space that offers circus-type performances, risque and extravagant shows, late night dance parties and more! A live performance space that delivers a sea of possibilities, you’ll be kept entertained throughout the evening delivered by the eccentric and full of energy Happenings Cast!

A New Take on Itineraries and Shore Excursions

Another thing that Virgin Voyages does slightly differently is their itineraries and shore excursions. Firstly, Virgin Voyages offer 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 15 night cruises with unique itinerary titles, such as ‘Dominican Daze’, ‘Irresistible Med’ and ‘Greek Island Glow’. 

When it comes to their shore excursions, they’ve added their own twist, renaming them to ‘Shore Things’. These are split into five categories - Relaxing, Energetic, Daring, Cultured and Once in a Life. Handpicked by Sir Richard Branson himself, these extraordinary activities include the likes of kayaking in the Caribbean, cave tours in Ibiza or a full day guided tour in Kotor, Montenegro.

A Vinyl Lover’s Dream 

Whether you love your David Bowie or your Ed Sheeran, every music taste is catered for onboard Virgin Voyages. In the onboard record shop, Voyage Vinyl, you’ll be able to experience music from a variety of genres and eras. There’s also music magazines, record players and headphones on offer!

Shake For Champagne Using the Virgin Voyages App

The Virgin Voyages app isn’t only used for checking in, booking restaurants, keeping an eye on your onboard spend and seeing your itinerary. You can simply shake your phone whilst on the app and a sparkling glass of champagne will be delivered to you! Cheers to that!

Get Your Exercise on with Unlimited Fitness Classes 

Not only can you take full advantage of the fitness centre onboard, but on a Virgin Voyages cruise, you can enjoy a range of unlimited fitness classes, from HIIT classes, to yoga, meditation, cycling and more!

Smart Cabins That Will Transport You To The Future

When it comes to their cabins onboard, the Virgin Voyages’ quirky vibe continues. The moment you step into your stateroom, whether it’s an ‘Insider’, ‘Sea View’ or ‘Sea Terrace’, you’ll love all the spectacular features it has on offer, including roomy showers and mood lighting. Clever cabins with a tablet to control the lights, curtains and tv, you’ll feel like you’re in a hip spaceship! During the day, you can have your bed transformed into a sofa - perfect for relaxing!

And in a Sea Terrace, you’ll also have one of Virgin’s most extraordinary features - a comfortable hammock to unwind in throughout the day!

Commemorate Your Cruise with a Tattoo from Squid Ink

If you’re looking for a unique way to remember your cruise by, then head to Virgin Voyages’ Squid Ink tattoo studio. Hosting resident tattoo artists, you can book to have a tattoo whilst sailing on the seas! You can book an appointment on the first day of your voyage - but hurry, if this is something you’re interested in, make sure to queue up early, as the slots go very quickly! Rates start at $150 for a simple design, and $250 upwards for a custom one.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Drinks Packages 

With Virgin Voyages’ bar tab, you can purchase either:

Bar Tabs are available for purchase up until 24 hours before sailing and can be added via the My Account section on the Virgin Voyages app.

Dining Highlights on Virgin Voyages

Although they are great for special occasions, speciality restaurants can sometimes be pricey. And you don’t always want to eat in the main dining room. So what have Virgin Voyages done? They’ve revolutionised dining on the seas, to include all of their restaurants onboard within your cruise fare. 

Dining in Gunbae

As mentioned above, one of the most unique aspects of a Virgin Voyage ship is the lack of buffet restaurants. Whilst many of the more traditional cruise ships have a large buffet restaurant serving an array of international dishes, onboard Virgin Voyages, buffets are a thing of the past. 

Instead, they have The Galley: an area of the ships that offer a variety of freshly-prepared cuisine, from sushi to salads, burritos to bagels. No matter what you’re craving, The Galley has it all and is the perfect option for those looking for a more relaxed, casual dining experience throughout the day. 

Or perhaps you’re looking for an interactive dining experience? Whether you’re travelling with your partner, friend or in a group, Gunbae will provide you with a unique dining experience from start to finish. After being greeted at the entrance, you’ll be led to your table where you’ll find a sizzling hot plate ready to be filled with different meats and vegetables. Start your experience with a shot of soju, before indulging in a range of Korean dishes, including bibimbap and japchae.

Another extraordinary dining experience onboard Virgin Voyages is the Test Kitchen. Set within a laboratory-type setting, this Michelin-inspired concept includes a six-course menu that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced on a cruise ship before. Unique flavours and pairings, this restaurant has a menu that changes twice per sailing.

What’s Included on a Virgin Voyages Cruise

There are a range of benefits you’ll receive when booking a Virgin Voyages’ cruise including:

Exercise class onboard Virgin Voyages
Exercise class onboard Virgin Voyages

Suite Perks

RockStar Quarters: Brilliant Suite, Cheeky Corner Suite, Seriously Suite and the Sweet Aft Suite. 

RockStar Quarters’ Benefits

Mega RockStar Quarters: Massive Suite, Fab Suite, Posh Suite and Gorgeous Suite.

Mega RockStar Quarters’ Benefits

What’s Extra on a Virgin Voyages Cruise

Whilst lots is included in a Virgin Voyages' fare, there are some extras that you'll have to consider.


These include:

Virgin Voyages Updates

2024 brings a huge range of exciting updates to Virgin Voyages. Not only have Virgin announced a new ‘Seachange Series’ which includes a variety of reimagined repositioning cruises, but 19 new ports (including some with Australia and the Caribbean) and 27 new itineraries to look forward to. Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady are also due for refurbishment, with refreshed cabins featuring wooden tones throughout.

Upcoming Tailor Made Getaways

Virgin Voyages Guest Reviews

Virgin Voyages Top Tips

Book Dinner Reservations as Soon as Possible

You can book dining reservations 45 days in advance, so make sure to check out each venue onboard your ship and book the restaurants you wish to dine in before your cruise, if possible, using the Virgin Voyages app. These tend to book up fast, especially on a full sailing, with the most popular restaurants, including The Wake and Pink Agave being swept up quickly. 

Book Events Onboard as Soon as Possible

On Virgin Voyages, you need to book for theatre shows, quizzes and a variety of other entertainment. Similarly to the restaurants, you don’t want to miss out on these - so make sure you check out the different events/activities on your cruise ahead of time and book as many as you can!

Be Prepared For an Adult-Centric Experience That’s a Little More Risque

As mentioned above, Virgin Voyages does have a cheeky nature and therefore has theatre performances and other aspects of their ships that are a little risque. 18+, these witty and funny features are another reason why it stands out from the crowd. So ready to have some fun too, as Virgin Voyages doesn’t take itself too seriously!

Pack carefully

Even though there isn’t a dress code onboard, it’s important that you still dress appropriately for the weather of your sailing. For Scarlet Night, people also like to wear their best - think sparkly dresses, bright red suits, sunglasses and more!

Buy the Bar Tab 

If you like a tipple or two, and think you’ll make use of it, the Bar Tab will give you that peace of mind, that you can sit back and enjoy a refreshing cocktail without having to worry about picking up the bill afterwards! 

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