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A Quick Guide to Virgin Voyages Bar Tab

27 March 2024

Guests on Virgin Voyages

Whilst essential drinks, such as water, non-pressed juices, teas, drip coffee and sodas are included in the Virgin Voyages base fare, alcoholic drinks and select other drinks aren’t included. 

You might be wondering, does Virgin Voyages have drinks packages? Well, Virgin Voyages don’t have typical drinks packages. Instead, they have the Virgin Voyages Bar Tab. Onboard credit that can be spent on drinks, the Bar Tab can be used both on the ships and on Virgin Voyages’ private island resort The Beach Club at Bimini. With the Bar Tab, you can enjoy a wide selection of drinks, from mocktails to alcoholic drinks, speciality coffees and fresh-pressed juices.

Guests at the Draught House
Guests at the Draught House

How does Virgin Voyages Bar Tab work?

With the Virgin Voyages Bar Tab, you’ll have the option to either purchase a $100 Bar Tab, a $200 Bar Tab or a $300 Bar Tab. When you pre-purchase a Bar Tab on Virgin Voyages, you’ll also get up to an extra $50 on top of your Bar Tab as bonus credit. 

Bar Tabs are available for purchase up to 24 hours before sailing and are easy and quick to purchase on the Virgin Voyages app. You can't however, purchase a Bar Tab on the ship, so if you're interested in having one for your getaway, make sure to purchase it ahead of time.

Do you have to purchase a Virgin Voyages Bar Tab?

Often, a Bar Tab will come included in your cruise fare as part of a promotion. However, if this isn’t the case, you don’t have to purchase a Bar Tab. Virgin Voyages tries to ensure that there is fair drinks pricing across their fleet.

Prices of drinks on average across the fleet:

You can also bring your own bottle of wine to dinner if you wish. But keep in mind that there’s a $25 corkage fee at the restaurants (which you can use your bar tab on).

Can you share your Bar Tab with other guests?

Often, you aren’t allowed to share drinks packages or onboard credit with other guests. However, on Virgin Voyages, they give you the flexibility to share your Bar Tab with others on board. Not all guests (or sailors as they are known on Virgin Voyages) require a Bar Tab. 

Do you get a Bar Tab included in suites?

If you’re staying in a RockStar Quarters cabin, you can enjoy a fully stocked in-room bar alongside the first round of drinks included in your fare. 

However, if you opt for a stay in one of the MegaRockstar Quarters, not only will you get a daily bar tab, with complimentary drinks and bottles of wine available around the ship, but a bottomless in-room bar included. 

Find out more about Virgin Voyages suites on the extraordinary Resilient Lady on our blog - Top Suites Onboard Virgin Voyages’ Resilient Lady.

How do you purchase drinks onboard?

When purchasing a drink onboard, simply show your band that you’ll get given on embarkation, this will be scanned and the drink will be credited to your account. You can check on your account balance using the Virgin Voyages app. 

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