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Top 10 Asian Shore Excursions

Taking a cruise to Asia offers far more than a holiday, as the Far East is a land of intrigue and enchanted secrets. Home to some of the most incredible sights in the world, the magical continent of Asia boasts a range of different cultures, exotic cuisine, and rule-breaking architecture. With so much to do and see, shore excursions are a great way you for you to explore more and more!

1. Elephant Experience, Bangkok

Elephant Asia
Riding an elephant is something most visitors want to do when they go to Asia, and it is obvious why. Offering a special experience, this unique excursion is definitely one of our favourites. The tour will normally start with a talk about these incredible animals, including a chance to feed and stroke them. Soon after, the real adventure will start as you climb up onto the elephant and start your tour. The elephant will take you through tropical jungles and rivers, on a fantastic journey that you will never forget!

2. City Tour, Hong Kong

Hong Kong
A city tour of Hong Kong Island is a must if your cruise stops here, as it is one of the most colourful and striking cities in the world. Make yourself comfortable in a relaxed, air-conditioned coach, as a tour guide narrates your journey around this historical city. You will see Hong Kong’s famous landmarks including The Peak, Man Mo Temple, Golden Bauhinia Square, and Repulse Bay. Be sure to take a camera as the tour will make various stops at the top attractions.
Mariner of the SeasEnjoy a Hong Kong City Tour on: Mariner of the Seas

3. Monkey Beach, Penang

Monkey Beach is situated in the beautiful Penang National Park, and is only accessible by boat or hiking trial. Once you arrive to the beach by small boat, you can let the relaxation begin as you have the whole day to yourself on this beautiful beach. Surrounded by clear blue water, and under the canopy of coconut palms, this island is home to the amusing long-tail macaque monkeys. You can watch them entertain you as you take in the sights, catch some rays, and enjoy a traditional lunch. A perfect excursion for a relaxing way to experience an Malaysian beach day.

4. Snorkel at Phi Phi Island, Phuket

Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Island is one of the most beautiful, picturesque islands in the world, and home to some of the best snorkelling. It has been said that many people only go to Thailand's Phuket to visit Phi Phi Island. You can enjoy the beach and amazing views before grabbing your snorkelling equipment to swim with a variety of stunning marine life. Boasting one of the world’s most abundant coral reef systems, the snorkelling sights you will see are astounding.
Celebrity MilleniumSnorkel at Phi Phiu Island on: Celebrity Millennium

5. Night Safari, Singapore

Singapore Night
The night safari is the world’s first nocturnal zoo and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. This excursion offers an exciting experience for you to get up close to some of Asia’s most remarkable wildlife. As you travel through a jungle lined with thick vegetation, you will be amazed by your sightings of various wild animals roaming around freely. At the end of the tour you will normally have time to walk around the purpose-built jungle trails for a closer encounter with the animals.
Celebrity MilleniumTake a night safari on: Celebrity Millennium

6. Nantian Hot Springs, Sanya

Japan Hot Springs
China's Nantian Hot Springs excursion allows you to relax and enjoy bathing in some of the world's largest open-aired hotsprings. The resort offers you a choice of pools set in a tropical and luxuriant setting. Some of our favourite baths include a coconut milk bath, coffee pool, chine herb bath, and the Nibble fish bath, where small fish will remove dry skin particles. This is definitely an excursion that will leave you feeling tranquil and relaxed!
MS VolendamVisit Nantian Hot Springs on: MS Volendam

7. Taya Caves, Yokohama

Japan Caves
Taya Caves are an incredible underground maze of tunnels, and one of the most exciting things to explore in Japan. You will be given a candle as you enter the caves before beginning a guided walk through these unusual and winding cavities.  Silent corridors lead to small, domed chambers that boast walls carved with Buddhist images. Full of history, these caves really give you an insight into some of the country’s most fascinating past.
P&O Adonia
Wander the Taya Caves on: P&O Adonia

8. The Red River Delta Tour, Vietnam

Board a coach for a journey through the rural areas of the Red River Delta in northern Vietnam. This excursion gives you the opportunity to experience a taste of real life in the country, stopping to wander through different local villages. One of the most fascinating features is walking through the small lanes which lead to a village renowned for its betel nut production. A very informative, but fun tour that will enhance your knowledge of this fascinating area, and leave you with a feeling of admiration.
Mariner of the SeasTake The Red River Delta Tour on: Mariner of the Seas

9. Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, Bangkok

Sri Racha Tiger Zoo
This excursion provides a fun day out for people of all ages. The zoo covers an area of over 100 acres and is home to over one hundred Bengal tigers, plus other fascinating animal species. Enjoy a day walking around the park at your own leisure whilst you watch the tigers and other animals play in their territories. Many other activities are available for you to enjoy, including an elephant show, a crocodile show, and a circus. Certainly a recommended excursion for those wanting a fun day out with the whole family.
Diamond PrincessVisit Sri Racha Tiger Zoo on: Diamond Princess

10. Hirosaki Castle, Aomori

Hirosaki Castle
Hirosaki Castle is a picturesque, triple moat structured Japanese castle set in the beautiful city of Hirosaki. The tower holds a lot of history, with walls covered in samurai swords, helmets, and armour from the past. The castle itself is surrounded by over 500,000 square meters of lush woods and trees - making it the perfect excursion for picture taking! You will have a narrated tour of the castle as well as a guided journey on the way to and from the ship. This excursion is one for those wanting to explore the more historic sights of Japan.
Celebrity MillenniumSee Hirosaki Castle on: Celebrity Millennium