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Top 10 Alaskan Shore Excursions

Offering something entirely different, an Alaskan Cruise is a truly unique experience. Set against a stunning backdrop of soaring, snowy peaks and glacial waters, you are able to observe nature at its rawest. The fascinating views are not the only amazing feature about a cruise to Alaska, the shore excursions are equally incredible.

1. Rock Climbing and Rappelling, Skagway

Alaska Rock Climbing
This exciting excursion offers you a fun climbing adventure on the smooth granite walls of the White Pass. There are many stunning views on your climb - not only the general incredible and wild surroundings, but also the Skagway River and the White Pass & Yukon Route Railway. The tour will start with a short drive through Downtown Skagway, and then your hike will begin from the Klondike Highway. There are various routes to choose from with varying levels of climbing difficulty - but most importantly each ends with an amazing view of the Skagway River. This excursion is perfect for those looking to do something a little different.
Regent Seven Seas NavigatorEnjoy the views whilst rock climbing on: Regent Seven Seas Navigator

2. Helicopter Ride and Glacier Trek, Juneau

Alaska Helicopter
There is no better way to discover the huge areas of Alaska, and properly take in all of its natural beauty, than by seeing it from above. A helicopter ride over this stunning area really is a special experience. As you ride over the incredible views, your tour guide will point out the main places of interest before you touch down on the 1,500 square mile Juneau Icefield. Once you exit the helicopter you are given all the correct equipment and can set off to explore the icescape.

3. Whale Watching, Icy Straight Point

Alaska Whale Watching
The Icy Straight Point part of an Alaskan cruise is one of the best chances for you to see whales, so a whale watching excursion here is a must. One of the best ways to do this is to take a catamaran tour, as the vessels are specially designed and allow you to see the whales from all around, and even underneath the boat. To see whales naturally in the water is truly spectacular, and there is no better place to see them than Alaska. You might be able to see humpback whales feeding at the surface, pairs of whales catching fish together, and sometimes even a super-pod of around 20 whales together.  

4. Dog Sled Ride, Seward

Dog Sled Ride
This excursion is a real Alaskan adventure, and fun for the whole family. You are strapped into a comfortable sled, along with your tour guide, and navigated around by 13 beautiful and powerful husky dogs. The ride is just over two miles and takes you through the un-spoilt and stunning Alaskan wilderness, before finishing up at the base of Resurrection Mountain. The tour guide will excite you with stories along the trail as you experience the raw power of the Iditarod race dogs.

5. Mountain Point Snorkelling Adventure, Ketchikan

Alaska Snorkel
Snorkelling is not something you would typically think to do in Alaska, but this excursion is a unique experience that has certainly earned its place in our Top 10. Mountain Point has shallow tide pools heaving with marine life. After you have donned your wetsuit and snorkelling equipment, immerse yourself in Alaska’s breath-taking underwater world as you snorkel in these clear and calm waters.

6. Whitepass Rail Road, Skagway

Alaska Train
This train will give you an unforgettable journey, and offer you the chance to see some of the world’s best scenery. You will board the train in Skagway, close to where the ship docks, and finish at the summit of the White Pass - a 2,865 foot elevation!  In the train you can relax in a vintage-style carriage, while enjoying the panoramic sights of mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, tunnels, and historic sights. The journey will include an enthusiastic guide who will re-trace the steps of Alaskan history.

7. Bear Watching, Ketchikan

Bear Watching
Experience the trip of a lifetime at this world renowned bear observatory. The tour starts on a floatplane that will fly you from Ketchican, over the stunning mountains and lakes, before arriving at Traitor’s Cove. A short guided hike will then lead you to the observation platforms that overlook Margaret Creek Falls, which is where you will be able to see magnificent black and brown bears. They can be seen fishing, playing, and relaxing in the falls. This is an experience that brings pictures to life.
Star PrincessGo bear watching on: Star Princess

8. Kenai Fjords National Park Cruise, Seward

Kenai National Park
This excursion is extremely popular when cruising in Alaska, and provides an in-depth experience of Kenai Fjords with its wildlife, alpine, and glaciers. The tour will take place on a two-deck boat that travels through the heart of the beautiful National Park. You will cruise through rocky coastlines and glaciers - be sure to look out for sea lions, puffins, and other sea birds. You may even be lucky enough to see Humpback and Minke whales.
Celebrity CenturyVisit Kenai Fjords National Park on: Celebrity Century

9. Alaska Zipline, Juneau

Alaska Zipline
Located in the beautiful Alaskan rainforest, this excursion gives you the opportunity to learn about Alaska as you are zipping over salmon spawning streams and beautiful mountains - what could be more inspiring! The ziplines are in a series and you go from one tree to another, plus walk across aerial suspension bridges. This excursion offers a different way to see Alaska, and takes you deep into the forests that you may not otherwise be able to see. On completion of the adventure, you will return to a traditional lodge where you can purchase a locally brewed Alaskan beer.
Celebrity CenturyRide the Alaska Zipline on: Celebrity Century

10. Tongass National Forest Jeep Tour, Ketchikan

Alaska Jeep
Taking control of a four wheel drive Jeep, and driving through the back roads of Tongass National Forest is an excursion you will want to tell everyone about. This forest is one of the largest national forests in the world, and surrounds the famous Inside Passage. A fun and exciting excursion that gives you the chance to see eagles, bears, salmon, and up-close views of wild Alaska. You will also have the opportunity to stop for Alaskan-style snacks, and take plenty of pictures.