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Top 10 Middle East Shore Excursions

The Middle East is an enchanted land of tradition, culture, and eastern beauty. Taking a cruise around this part of the world is sure to give you the trip of a lifetime as you take in the views, experience the mouth-watering food, go shopping, and take exciting explorations. From ancient sites in Jordon and Oman, to bustling markets in Turkey, there is certainly a diverse range of cruise excursions to be had .

1. Petra, Jordan

Dating back to around 300 B.C, the ancient city of Petra is an extraordinary and fascinating place to see. When built by the Nabataean people it was known as Raqmu, and was a centre of trade and worship until the end of their Empire in A.D. 106. It continued to thrive after this time, until it was damaged by an earthquake in A.D. 336. After this the city was 'forgotten', and was not rediscovered until 1812 by a Swiss explorer. To date, less than half of Petra has been properly explored. Be among those to witness this stunning piece of ancient history if your cruise docks in Jordon.

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2. Seaplane over Dubai, Dubai

Over Dubai
Taking a seaplane over Dubai will offer you a truly mesmerising experience that you will remember forever. Allowing you to experience unparalleled views of the city, coastline, and desert, this excursion is recommended for those wanting to see aerial views of this stunning location from high above. Once you take off in your comfortable seaplane, you can sit and relax as you glide over famous landmarks including Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab Hotel, and Jumeirah Beach.

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3. Fascinating Forts, Oman

Explore the historic city of Muscat, including two 17th century buildings: Nizwa Fort and Jabrin Castle. Built by Sultan bin Saif al Ya'rubi over 12 years, Nizwa Fort was created as a perfectly situated stronghold, offering the ideal vantage point over the city. After seeing its rooms and corridors, and the fantastic view, you will have the chance to rummage through the goods at the souk and find some great bargains. Then you will be taken to nearby Jabrin Castle, a commanding building which was once a home of medicince, astrology, and Islamic Law.

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4. Ancient Pyramids, Egypt

Ancient Pyramids
Named as one of the Top 10 things to see in the world, the Egyptian Pyramids are a must if your cruise stops in Egypt. You will board a coach at the pier where your ship docks, and take a ride to the famous deserts. Allowing you to travel back in time, you will get to learn about how and why the pyramids were built. Don't forget to take your camera, as you will be able to capture some unbelievable shots of this fascinating area.

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5. Black, Gold & Camel Tour, Bahrain

Understand more about the economy of this wealthy country on this eye-opening tour. One of Bahrain's most significant sources of income over the years has been oil. On this trip you will visit the 1931 First Oil Well, which in the 1970s produced up to around 70,000 barrels of oil per day! After this you will see the remarkable Bahrain World Trade Centre, where financial transactions happen every day, and then the famous Bahrain racetracks. The final part of the excursion is a visit to a camel farm, where you can take photos with the revered animals that have played a vital role in Bahrain's trading throughout history.

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6. Dead Sea, Israel

Dead Sea
Located at the lowest part of Earth, the Dead Sea is a saltwater lake that boarders Jordan and Israel. Famous for its muscle healing power, the lake will offer you the opportunity to cover yourself in mud and enjoy floating in the water! As well as having fun and chilling out in the lake, you will be able to see unique scenery and learn fascinating history. We recommend this excursion for a great relaxing day out.

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7. Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Israel

Israel Wall
Jerusalem and Bethlehem are two places that you must visit if your cruise stops in Israel. As most ships only stop for a day it would be difficult for you to visit them both on your own, so this excursion is an excellent choice. You will board your coach at the ship’s pier and start your scenic drive through picturesque cities full of stories, while your guide explains all you need to know about these history-enriched places. You will stop at some amazing places of interest, including the Church of All Nations and The Western (or Wailing) Wall, where you will exit the coach and spend time looking around and taking photos.

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8. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

The view of this imposing religious building will long sit with you after you leave. Its majesty is staggering; with one of the world's biggest chandeliers - 10 metres in diameter by 15 metres in height! - 82 domes, and over a thousand columns. The white and gold colours of the mosque add to its opulance, as do all the finer details you will notice when wandering around. Afterwards, you will visit the Heritage Village where there are some interesting craft demonstrations, and other exhibits displaying the lives and culture of Bedouin people.

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9. Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, Turkey

Often when people think of Istanbul, images of bustling and colourful markets spring to mind. Therefore, if your cruise includes a stop in this ancient and fascinating city, this excursion is a must. Before visiting the infamous Grand Bazaar, you will see some of Istanbul's grandest buildings; the beautiful Dolmabahce Palace, The Blue Mosque, the Byzantine Hippodrome, and stunning 6th century cathedral - St Sophia, to name a few. You will then attend a carpet-weaving demonstration before getting lost in the alleyways that make up the bazaar. Haggle hard and you will undoubtedly come out with some well-loved souvenirs.

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10. Turkish Bath, Turkey

Turkish Bath
You cannot go to Turkey without experiencing a Turkish bath! As you arrive at the resort where your bath will take place, you will be kitted out in a soft robe and slippers. Then prepare to enter a land of tranquillity as you step inside the baths. Enjoy a scrubbing massage to relax the body, and then lay back and take in the aromas and peaceful atmosphere as your body immerses in the mind-healing setting. We recommend this excursion for those who want to experience the ultimate escape!

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