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Top 10 New Cruise Destinations For 2015

25 April 2014

Reykjavik in Iceland

From looking back at the history of cruising, I find it incredibly interesting to see how much it has changed. Less than ten years ago the Caribbean and Mediterranean dominated the market, but today you can sail to every corner of the earth. The cruise industry has left no stone unturned. From Australia to the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica to Bora Bora, cruising is becoming the only way to travel.

With the industry rapidly growing and the increasing amount of people choosing a cruise as their number one holiday choice, it has brought high demand for new ports, different itineraries and upgraded ships.

2015 sees an array of new destinations introduced and prepares for one of the most exciting years for cruise. Here are my top 10 new cruise destinations for 2015:

Sochi, Russia

New for: Celebrity Cruises

Sochi made its mark on the map after hosting the 2013 Winter Olympics earlier this year and enabled this small city to open up an array of attractions to entice people to this less-thought about part of Russia.

Residing in the West of the large Russian continent, Sochi sits peacefully on the dramatic edges of the Black Sea. Home to ancient buildings and history-enriched architecture set on a backdrop of majestic mountain scenery, it is bisected with enchanting beaches and natural mineral springs.

Combining an busy city atmosphere and exciting nightlife mixed with picturesque beaches creates a unique blend of urban versus nature. With a subtropical climate it makes the perfect heaven for both sun-seekers and city explorers.

Reykjavik, Iceland

New for: Disney Cruise Line

After the success of award-winning movie Frozen, it was no surprise when Disney announced they were taking on Iceland. Reykjavik’s small size does not match its large amounts of natural beauty. Like stepping into the middle of a fairy-tale it is an enchanted land of colourful buildings, awe-inspiring coastlines and quirky locals. Its rugged shores boast snow-topped mountains, remote villages and a bewitching combination of old and new.

Bursting with a charming Nordic flare, the friendly locals love to show-off their cultural way of life including their love for fishing and bathing in the iconic lagoons. With mysterious streets lined with quaint cafes, world-class restaurants and galleries, everywhere you turn represents the organic way of life lived here.

From shopping, sightseeing, mountain hiking and bathing in the blue lagoon, Reykjavik is a playground of explorations for every type of visitor.

Jacksonville, USA

New for: P&O Cruises

Immaculately positioned along the Atlantic Ocean in sunny Florida, Jacksonville is a paradise of sun-soaked beaches, dense natural parks and a cosmopolitan jungle of soaring buildings.

Known as the 'River City by the Sea' it is home to over 20 miles of uncrowded beach havens that span along the enthralling backdrop of bright city life. Beach-side restaurants, cafes and boutiques line its attractive water fronts that allure visitors with high sunny temperatures.

Set in the sunny state of Florida it is the perfect place for families, singles and couples to explore.

Thursday Island, Queensland

New for: Azamara Club Cruises

For the first time ever 2015 will see Azamara Club Cruises delve into the faraway Australian paradise. Very few cruise lines stop at Thursday Island but Azamara's small sized vessels will spend the day here.

A mere 3sq km, this tiny island sits in the middle of crystal clear water that illuminates it coastline even further. The perfect place to simply escape, the long stretches of beaches with soft sand and swaying palms offer pure bliss to all who visit.

Surrounded by an extensive underwater jungle, snorkelling here is a must. Glide through the incredible corals that are home to an abundance of colourful marine life that surrounds the island's mainland.


New for: Fred Olsen Cruise Line

Nowhere else in the world even comes close to the Arctic and its intense beauty. From souring glaciers to boiling mud pools and peeping icebergs to gushing waterfalls, nature has completely taken over this part of the world.

A place where wildlife outnumber humans, there is no shortage of surprises every time you turn. Like an untold story, this part of the world waits to be explored and there is no better way to do this than a cruise. Sail through whale infested waters, in-between arched glaciers and over ice-covered waters as you marvel at this curious part of the world.

Busan, South Korea

New for: Regent Seven Seas

South Korea’s second largest city, Busan is an important seaport that is home to one of the largest trading industries in the world.

Although its rough coastline is not the most appealing, it resembles a present that needs to be unwrapped. When you enter this city it shows off an alluring charm from all around. Its modern architecture dominates the cosmopolitan city that runs parallel to the vast stretch of paradise beaches.

From the quirky locals, traditional restaurants, and graceful landscapes let this mysterious city take you on a journey of discovery from the moment you enter to the moment you leave.

Haugesund, Norway

New for: P&O Cruises

The picturesque town of Haugesund captivates you from the first moment your eyes get a glimpse of the intriguing Norwegian architecture that line the waterfront upon sailing in.

Like the Venice of Norway, its striking waterfront is lined with colourful buildings and quaint cafes that ooze the diverse Norwegian lifestyle. As you stroll around the graceful streets you will be charmed by the friendly locals and sensational aroma circulating from the fresh cuisine being served in local cafes and restaurants.

With Norway constantly being voted one of the most picturesque destinations in the world, it’s no wonder P&O Cruises have decided to delve even further into the intriguing villages that lie inbetween the most dramatic coastline in the world.

Cuba, Caribbean

New for: Fred Olsen

Although the largest of the Caribbean islands, Cuba has taken time to gain its place on the cruising map. 2015 will mark Fred Olsen’s maiden visit here and sure to excite everyone with its immaculate beaches and fun Caribbean flare.

Floating halfway between America and Latin America, it is a country with no historical presidents, an abundance of natural wonders and the most stunning beaches in the world. However, Cuba’s greatest asset are the people. Lovable and excitable locals welcome all visitors with their friendly charm and invite you to share their laid-back style of life.

With year-round sunshine and tropical temperatures, Cuba is as far away from normal life than you can get.

Oban, Scotland

New for: Cunard Cruise Line

A place that takes countryside to a whole new level, Oban offers everything you could imagine from a trip to Scotland. From lush countryside, historic landmarks and soaring cliffs, there is no shortage of photographic opportunities.

Known as the 'Gateway to the Isles' this busy town is one of the most intriguing parts of Britain. Home to the iconic McCaig’s Tower, Oban Distillery and the ruined Dunollie Castle, every time you turn something else grabs your attention.

Said to be the Seafood Capital of Scotland it showcases a number of award-winning restaurants serving the most exquisite seafood dishes.

Mysterious Destination

New for: Fred Olsen Cruise Line

Yes, Fred Olsen are actually letting you choose where they want to cruise. Boarding a cruise to mystery gives you the opportunity to choose where you go. Every day the Captain will give you a set of port options and the destination with the highest amount of votes will win!

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