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Cruise Ship Rooms

14 February 2020

Cruise Ship Rooms

When it comes to booking your cruise, you'll have to choose where you want to stay. With so many cruise ship rooms on offer, this may seem overwhelming at first. Depending on whether you're travelling alone or as family and the budget you have, the needs you have for your room may change.

We know that it can be confusing, so to help you find the best room on a cruise ship to match your requirements, read our blog where we talk in more detail about:

What is a Cruise Ship Room?

A cruise ship room is, of course, the place you sleep during your cruise. However, it's good to know that cruise lines refer to them as cabins or staterooms, both of which are the same thing. On the other hand, a suite refers to a bigger area that includes not only the bedroom and bathroom, but also a living space.

What is an Inside Cabin?

An inside cabin, also called an interior stateroom, is often the smallest cruise ship room, located in the middle of the ship meaning that there are no windows. While this may not be the most luxurious option, it's definitely something to think about for those looking to cruise on a budget.

cruise ship rooms inside cabin

What is an Outside Cabin?

An outside cabin, also known as an oceanview stateroom,  is a room with a window or porthole with views to the outside. Although you shouldn't expect the most spacious room, this is a good option for those who enjoy waking up to some natural light and can’t wait for their first glimpse of that day's port of call.

cruise ship rooms outside cabin

What is a Balcony Stateroom?

A balcony stateroom is a cruise cabin that also comes with a balcony. While on some ships this might be quite a small space, on others you'll have a veranda that's big enough for you to sit outside. Although you do pay extra for this, it's well worth the price if you want to make your cruise a little bit more special.

cruise ship rooms balcony stateroom

What is a Mini Suite?

Although it isn't the largest room on a ship, a mini suite is a cruise ship cabin which has a small sitting area that is seperate from the sleeping area. These often also have balconies, meaning that you can breathe in the sea air and admire the stunning ocean views, perfect if you want to make your cruise more luxurious or entertain friends.

cruise ship rooms mini suite

What is a Suite?

Cruise suites are some of the most luxurious cruise ship cabins, offering separate sleeping and living areas, a spacious bathroom and balcony. While it does vary from line to line, you can expect extra perks when you book a suite, ranging from priority boarding and access to exclusive restaurants, such as in NCL The Haven lounges and pools, to butler service and even a hot tub on the veranda.

cruise ship rooms suite

What is a Family Room?

A family room is one that has enough space to fit everyone in together, ideal if you're travelling with young children. Coming in a variety of types, from inside cabins to interconnecting rooms and suites, and a variety of sleeping options such as pull-out beds and bunks that can be hidden away, family rooms on cruise ships are a great way to make your holiday even easier.

cruise ship rooms family room

What is a Solo Cabin?

A solo cabin, also known as a single cabin, is a relatively new concept when it comes to cruise line rooms. In the past, those travelling alone would often have to pay a "single supplement" to make up for the money lost by one cruiser staying in a room designed for two. However, these days, many cruise lines offer cabins reserved just for those travelling alone. If you want to know more, we have written a blog about the top cruise lines for solo voyagers.

cruise ship rooms solo cabin

Top tips for cruise ship rooms

Now you've read our guide to cruise ship rooms, here are a few top tips to keep in mind when choosing which cabin to go for:

1) Location is important when it comes to deciding which cruise ship room to book. For those who suffer from seasickness, choose a lower, more central room as this area has the least movement, while those who want to enjoy some peace and quiet at night should stay away from the higher decks which is where the crowds tend to be.

2) While the types of rooms available tend to be similar across the cruise lines (unless you choose a luxury cruise where all the rooms are oceanview or have a balcony), you should bear in mind that the size of these rooms can vary between lines and even between ships in the same fleet.

3) If you want to save a little money and try your luck on an upgrade, book a guaranteed cabin. This means that while you choose the type of cabin you want at the time of booking (inside, outside etc.) you aren't allocated an exact room. When it comes to the cruise, you will definitely get this type of stateroom, but you may also be treated to an upgrade. If you don’t mind exactly where your room is located, it’s well worth a shot!

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