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Tick off your bucket list on a world cruise

31 July 2015

World Map with Pins

Updated March 2024

Many people hear the term “bucket list” and jump to the conclusion that this is a list only for the adventurous. Those who wish to skydive, climb Mount Everest, or race around a Formula 1 track before they deem themselves unable.

But the truth is, a bucket list is a hugely meaningful and personal collection of things you hope to achieve during your lifetime. Your life goal to-do-list can be as adventurous or as simple as you like. But the most important thing to consider when making it is that you include realistic and achievable goals that suit your lifestyle. Nothing feels better than actually being able to tick off your achievements and make space for more.

So, what to include in your bucket list? Learning a new skill or language both often feature highly as goals, whilst a common top spot is reserved for travel. A trip overseas can fulfil many of your life desires, and with careful planning and consideration you could even tick off three or four from your top 10 in one trip.

If you’re adding travel to your to-do list but aren’t sure where to begin, a world cruise could be the answer you’re looking for. With inspiring itineraries sometimes lasting up to six months, you can not only visit the places you have always dreamed of, but also experience the ones you didn’t even know about.

World exploration can enrich your life in so many ways; take it from the people who know and check out some real cruisers' reviews of their life-changing world cruises in the video below.

Still looking for inspiration on your bucket list travel goals? Here are a handful of our own . . .

Dive the Great Barrier Reef

See one of the world’s greatest natural wonders and scuba dive the incredible Great Barrier Reef in Australia. This stunning site is accessible from northern tropical Queensland, and can be discovered in many ways. Stroll along the white sandy beaches of the Whitsunday Islands, or take a glass-bottomed boat ride or float plane to see some awesome views.

Dance in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the soulful and electrifying heart of Brazil, which oozes authentic Latin American spirit. An evening here is like none other on earth; feel the music pumping from every corner bar, and witness a beautiful explosion of colours as the adorned bold and beautiful come out to dance. Take a dance lesson, or go with the flow and salsa with new friends.

See the sunset over Sydney Harbour

Fill your glass and watch the sun setting over the iconic Sydney Opera House and superb Sydney Harbour. As the sun sets on this captivating city, day turns to night and the city lights beckon you to shore. Meet the laid back locals, indulge in the freshest of seafood, or take in a lively and unforgettable evening of Aussie entertainment.

Walk the Great Wall of China

Known to the world as The Great Wall, and in China as the Long Fortress, this undeniable feat of Chinese engineering will more than meet your expectations. Go back in time and visualise the ancient Chinese Empire holding the fort from Mongolian Nomads. The wall itself reaches 8,850 km, and you can walk various sections of it for some breath taking landscape views.

Have a luau in Hawaii

Even the palm trees in Hawaii can’t resist swaying to the enchanting island beat. Go barefoot on the beach and follow the sounds and scents of an alluring Hawaiian luau. A Hawaiian party will awaken all your senses with a mouth-watering all you can eat feast, fire throwing dancers, lively music and much more.

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