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Specialty Restaurants Offer Great Value for Money on Cruise Ships

22 March 2010

Speciality Dining

There are many reasons why individuals, couples or families decide to head on a cruise holiday, with one reason being their ability to cater for both those who are more active to others simply wanting to soak up some rays.

Another benefit is the value for money when it comes to eating, with many cruise ships providing food free of a charge from a number of on-board restaurants as this is including in the up-front cost.

However, for those happy to spend a little extra when enjoying their time on a ship, there is the chance to take in a specialty restaurant on many vessels, potentially offering a more romantic experience, alongside a wider cuisine range.

Writing for the Miami Herald, David Molyneaux remarks that individuals can get "more than their money's worth" from these restaurants with cruise lines not making a profit on what is sold.

Mr Molyneaux also advises customers that different lines place varying levels of importance on their specialty restaurants, which may influence a decision of where to eat when on board.

He speaks particularly highly of Norwegian Cruise Lines, where holidaymakers have the choice between a traditional steakhouse to a French bistro to a Tapas bar.

On the Norwegian Gem ship, there is the option of dining in 12 restaurants with each offering a completely different menu, while there are also 11 bars and lounges to explore.

Meanwhile, Mr Molyneaux was especially impressed with the meal he was given on a Carnival Cruises ship, where he enjoyed three courses for less than half of its typical cost.

This consisted of escargot on a bed of brioche, Caesar salad mixed tableside, two double lamb chops with roast potatoes and mushrooms, alongside a side of creamed spinach and finished with Bailey's Irish Cream ice cream.

Furthermore, virtually all liners feature specialty restaurants of some kind, including Royal Caribbean Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and Princess Cruises.

However, passengers may want to do a little research before opting to dine in a ship's specialty restaurants, such as ensuring that there is no dress code to enter or an age limit on children.

For example, children have to be at least 12 years old to eat in some of the restaurants on board vessels from Celebrity Cruises, although there are exceptions where they will be accommodated.

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