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Revealed: Cunard’s Extraordinary Royal Shakespeare Company 2024 Voyages

01 November 2023

Royal Shakespeare Company - Miss Littlewood (ID: 12648)

To Sea or not to Sea? Cunard have announced that they are continuing their exciting three year partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company. A partnership that launched onboard the legendary Queen Mary 2 in 2022, the carefully crafted sailings ensure that you have a getaway unlike any other. 

Offering a mixture of workshops, screening and performances, five skilled and talented Royal Shakespeare actors will be sailing aboard the Queen Mary 2 on select voyages between 7th April - 9th June 2024 and 16th August - 1st November 2024. 

The Royal Shakespeare Company (also known as the RSC) has long been known for their world class shows, performing classic Shakespearean plays, alongside contemporary productions. Primarily based in Stratford-upon-Avon, the prestigious British theatre company brings stories to life and produces performances that you’ll never forget. And what better way to enjoy these outstanding performances than aboard the opulent Queen Mary 2?

Royal Shakespeare Company Cunard 2024 Events

Throughout the event voyages, there will be 1-2 matinee or evening performances of a range of different shows held within the beautiful Royal Court Theatre, including:

Royal Shakespeare Company - Boundless as the Sea (ID: 12642)
Royal Shakespeare Company - Boundless as the Sea (ID: 12642)

Alongside the captivating performances, you can enjoy the following throughout Cunard’s Royal Shakespeare Company 2024 voyages*:

Shakespearean Workshops

And that’s not all, whether you’re a theatre enthusiast or a novice to the stage, you can try your hand at performing with the immersive acting workshops. Led by the RSC cast, there will be 3 different workshops held per sailing, where you can learn all the skills required to be a star performer. 

Seamlessly bringing the romance and powerful world of Shakespeare to the high seas, guests travelling aboard Queen Mary 2 will be able to take part in the following 45-minute long RSC workshops that take place in the opulent Queens Room:

Shakespeare Tales and Talks onboard Queen Mary 2

There are four different tales and talks offered by the Royal Shakespeare Company onboard Cunard 2024 select voyages. These include:

Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Topher McGrillis (c) RSC
Romeo and Juliet. Photo by Topher McGrillis (c) RSC

Exciting and unique experiences you can enjoy whilst sailing on one of the world’s most beloved and elegant ocean liners, you can take part in as little or as much as you like. A truly extraordinary opportunity to meet the skilled RSC cast, discover how they learnt their craft and delight in some of the most iconic Shakespearean plays (along with the famed works of Sam Kenyon), you’ll leave your Queen Mary 2 voyage with memories that last a lifetime. 

Book Your Cunard 2024 Voyage with Iglu Cruise 

Don’t miss out, make sure to book your Cunard voyage with Iglu Cruise today and be immersed into the wonderful and mystical world of Shakespeare. Discover our extensive range of 2024 Cunard sailings featuring the Royal Shakespeare Company and create memories that last a lifetime. 

Alongside the Royal Shakespeare Company voyages, Cunard have lots of other exciting sailings offered in their 2024 event voyages programme. Read all about the other events onboard their fleet in our blog - Discover Cunard’s Exciting 2024 Event Voyages Programme.

*All of the activities offered onboard these sailings are complimentary, but as the programmed and activities may vary voyage by voyage, make sure to check out your onboard Daily Programme for more information.

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