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Five Out of This World Holidays


Members of the public are offered a "last chance" to visit the Titanic wreck during what is now the 100th year of the anniversary of her sinking. The Titanic Expedition will take a select few people to depths of nearly 12,500 feet below sea level in a highly advanced MIR submersible pod. Guests will be given a guided tour through the icy waters through which the Titanic sunk, its final destination being the ship's resting place, deep in the sea bed of some of the world's darkest waters. Guests will also have the chance to view some of the ocean's most curious-looking creatures, which only survive at extreme depths.


Travel company, Country of Tourism, which is a tour operator of aviation and space tourism, offers passengers flights on the advanced MiG-29 and MiG-30 Russian fighter jets. Passengers board the jets from the Sokol airbase near Moscow. Passengers on board the MiG-29 will enjoy two amazing experiences during their flight; the first will be reaching the Earth's stratosphere (at an amazing altitude of between 21 and 23 km) and the second will be to experience an exhilarating concoction of high performance aerobatics. An experience not to be forgotten, this will see passengers reach speeds of up to 700 mph and somersaulting at amazing altitudes.


Antarctica specialists, Antarctica Bound, offer scuba diving trips to what is arguably the most extreme diving location - the sea around Antarctica. Despite being bitterly cold (the salinity of the water allows for sub-zero temperatures without freezing), the Antarctic ocean is a rich biome of weird and wonderful lifeforms. Divers are given the opportunity to swim around gargantuan icebergs and gaze down into the spooky abyss, which consists of 5,000 meters of black water. These trips offer the ultimate experience for those looking for adventure; if the inherent eeriness doesn’t put you off, the frozen underworld offers something of a serene environment filled with haunting underwater sounds. Trips are available for a very limited number of people, and only by special arrangement.


Possibly the most extreme activity on offer is a trip to space. Long dreamt about but now on the verge of being realised, Virgin has been the forerunner in the race to get regular tourists into orbit (an pursuit usually limited to research and military personnel). After three days of intense training in a desert, the Virgin Galactic experience aims to take guests to altitudes of 68 miles above the Earth and travelling at over three times the speed of sound. The specially designed SpaceShipTwo will take people into a low-orbit around Earth; guests will enjoy the thrill of taking off at rocket speeds, the sound of the engines blasting. Suddenly, when altitude is reached, the engines turn off, all is quiet, and guests experience true weightlessness. Tickets cost around £120,000 per person, which may seem pricey but are already being reserved in their hundreds.


Some companies, including Best Russian Tour, are offering trips to one of the most extreme environments on the planet - the Pole of Cold. This trip takes tourists to temperatures that are "nearly cosmic" at around -54 degrees centigrade on a normal day, though they have been known to plummet to -89 degrees. The trips offer tourists the opportunity to find out how people survive in these conditions, learning about how the temperature impacts on their culture and everyday lives. These temperatures endured at the Pole of Cold are a national phenomenon and are colder than the North Pole. The trip offers people a "once in a lifetime" experience, with the chance to explore this curious and little-known habitat, experience the extreme cold and test themselves and their bodies to the max.


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