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Rocky Mountaineer & Alaska Cruise

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A journey on the Rocky Mountaineer is the perfect add-on to an Alaska cruise, enabling guests to see the beauty of Alaska and the coastline of the Pacific North West and go inland, to witness the vast and untouched wild beauty of Western Canadian Rockies. The snow-capped mountain peaks of the Canadian Rockies and the glacier fjords in Alaska complement each other to create an epic experience in what is one of the most rugged and beautiful regions of the world.

And with so many different Alaska and Rocky Mountain cruises available, you'll be able to find the best Rocky Mountaineer and Alaska cruise for your budget and preferences!

Rocky Mountaineer

Alaska is a true bucket list destination with one of the most stunning and awe-inspiring coastlines in the world, making it an incredibly popular fly cruise and stay package. There is so much to see and do on an Alaskan cruise, from watching the local wildlife roam free or experience once-in-a-lifetime encounters with rare humpback whales. Find out more on our dedicated blog - What Can be Seen on an Alaska Cruise.

However, why not take the opportunity to extend your cruise with something a little different, allowing you to see North America from a different perspective? The Rocky Mountaineer offers several journeys of varied itineraries allowing passengers to explore the most desired destinations along the range in utmost comfort and luxury complete with gourmet meals, attentive service and impressive glass-domed coaches.

Read more about the journey on our blog - Chelsea's Rocky Mountain Adventure.

When it comes to what you'll see along the way, North America is alive with natural wonders and sensational landscapes including Canada's famous Rocky Mountain range. Stretching from Northern Canada all the way to New Mexico, the changing landscapes and varied wildlife make a journey across the Rockies a unique and unbeatable experience. The chance to experience the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains with a relaxing train journey, allowing excellent views and plenty of perfect photo opportunities, is many peoples' dream, and with the Rocky Mountaineer, this dream can come true. You can also take in sights including Lake Louise in the Rocky Mountains; an iconic sight that's a popular tourist hotspot.

Rocky Mountaineer Service Levels

GoldLeaf Service

GoldLeaf Service offers the ultimate Rocky Mountaineer experience, with the custom-designed, bi-level dome coach boasting unparalleled panoramic views. You can step out onto the covered vestibule to take in the fresh mountain air or take photos of the dramatic and beautiful scenery. Your journey starts with a morning toast before indulging in the wonderful à la carte menu offering gourmet cuisine during breakfast and lunch, served in the comfort of the GoldLeaf dining room. GoldLeaf is also available as a "seat-only" upgrade, meaning you will still stay in the same superb SilverLeaf hotels but will travel in GoldLeaf during the train tour.

Gold Leaf Service

As a GoldLeaf customer you can also enjoy complimentary alcoholic drinks and snacks throughout your journey and your luggage will be delivered to your hotel for the overnight stays in Kamloops, Whistler are Quesnel. Throughout your journey, you’ll enjoy entertaining stories from the hosts, possible wildlife sightings and more! You will also benefit from staying in a wonderful selection of hotels throughout your getaway, including the likes of the Fairmont hotels.

SilverLeaf Service

SilverLeaf Service offers huge panoramic windows from which you can take in the incredible scenery on this journey in the custom-designed, single-level dome coach. The journey starts with a morning toast followed by a hot breakfast and lunch, served at your seat with complimentary snacks throughout your journey. Again, as a SilverLeaf customer, your luggage will be delivered to your hotel for the overnight stay in Kamloops, Quesnel, Glenwood Springs or Whistler.

Silverleaf Service

Whichever level of service you prefer, you will no doubt have a fantastic experience with both tiers offering overnight stays, as well as transfers, as part of the package. You can sit back and enjoy commentary from the onboard attendants, while complimentary drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, breakfast, lunch and snacks are served during the journey.

Check out some insights below from the Rocky Mountaineer experts!

"No two Rocky Mountaineer journeys are ever the same. With such a variety of wildlife to see, food to sample and superb service to enjoy. You'll never go hungry onboard with homemade snacks served between meals. You'll take more photos than you ever could have imagined, just be sure to bring a spare camera battery!"

"Where the GoldLeaf differs from the SilverLeaf is the dining. The downstairs cabin is a sit down restaurant with chefs to prepare fresh meals for you. I thought the food was amazing in SilverLeaf, so this was an ultimate luxury for me. I sat there feeling like a queen as I gazed out of the window, admiring the scenery whilst eating smoked salmon and caviar. The menu was divine and the presentation really proves better than many top restaurants I have been to.”

Rocky Mountaineer and Alaska Cruise Reviews

Some of our staff here at Iglu Cruise have also experienced the incredible Rocky Mountaineer, alongside an Alaskan cruise! Here are some Rocky Mountaineer and Alaska cruise reviews from them!

"Gold Leaf on the Rocky Mountaineer was a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. Each day starts with a tasty, homely breakfast in the dining section of the carriage as you trundle out of the station on that day’s adventure - I always went for the authentic Canadian pancakes with Maple syrup. How can you not? Then upstairs you settle in to take in the views from your padded, heated seat under the panoramic glass dome, with the friendly staff always coming round with drinks and snacks."

"As well as the views of wildlife and scenery the other passengers were from all over the world and great to chat to over breakfast or from the outside viewing platform, all while the guides kept you informed with voice over commentary on what to look out for and how best to truly appreciate the landmarks to the left, right and above. Even when the train got stuck for an hour due to a fallen tree, you just simply took in the canyon we were heading through and kept an eye out for bears, eagles and other critters."

- Ian, Marketing, travelled on the Rocky Mountaineer June 2023

Rocky Mountains and Alaska Cruise

We have combined two wonderful destinations together by offering two Canada train and cruise to Alaska itineraries with Rocky Mountaineer and a selection of Alaska cruises, including the popular Inside Passage and Glacier Bay. You can choose between taking a pre-cruise journey, beginning in Calgary and finishing with an Alaskan cruise, or you can cruise this stunning coastline first, then board the train in Vancouver, finishing your journey in Alberta. See our dedicated Alaska Cruises From Vancouver page to discover incredible cruise getaways or read our blog- Top 10 Alaska Shore Excursions to find out more about the exciting things you can get up to in Alaska during your stop offs in this extraordinary state.

We are currently offering various Alaska cruise and train tours, including our most popular ‘First Passage to the West’ and ‘Journey Through the Clouds’.

The ‘First Passage to the West’ traverses four fantastic destinations along its stunning route, Vancouver, Kamloops, Lake Louise and Banff. With so many jaw-dropping excursions along the way, this is a historic route where the Rocky Mountaineer is the only passenger train to pass through.

On the other hand, ‘Journey through the Clouds’ offers a 2-day all-daylight experience onboard Rocky Mountaineer, spanning Vancouver, to Kamloops, to Jasper. This is a fantastic showcase of vast valleys, thrilling rapids and the spectacular Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. There is no shortage of opportunity to spot undisturbed wildlife in their natural habitat, so don’t forget your camera! Conclude your journey with a stay in Vancouver, before making further arrangements for your Alaska cruise, or your flight back home.

Find out more information about what to do in Vancouver on our blog - 5 Things to do in Vancouver.

For those looking for something truly unique our team of experts can also tailor-make your Rocky Mountain train and Alaska cruise journey to suit your requirements, with additional overnight stays or a journey on one of Rocky Mountaineer's other itineraries including the world-famous mountain resort of Whistler. You could even treat yourself to one of our Luxury Cruises to Alaska if you’re looking for an unforgettable getaway. Alternatively, check out our other cruises to Alaska.

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