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Ms Nordstjernen

After decades at sea, this ship has sadly retired from service. However, Hurtigruten have lots of other great ships to choose from.

Ship Stats and Features

Year Entered Service 01/01/1956
Tonnage 2191
Wheelchair Accessible Cabins 1
Number Of Decks 4
Number Of Elevators 2
Number Of Pools 0
Number Of Restaurants 1
Maximum Capacity 400
Crew 40

Customer reviews for Ms Nordstjernen

Nordstjernen - our favourite ship, sadly removed from service after our own classic round voyage on her a year or two back has now been completely refurbished and is once again to be used for the Spitsbergen voyages which she use to do in earlier years. We had a wonderful cruise on this fabulous ship, the crew were like a family, and they all really made our cruise so memorable. We watched the wonderful Northern lights from the flying bridges on each side of the bridge with the wind whistling through the rigging - an amazing experience. We were fortunate to meet a lady who boarded for a short passage between ports who related her own many previous trips on Nordstjernen when her father had been one of its former masters - most interesting. If you wish to travel on a really fine older type of vessel, this is the ship to choose - history on the high seas! Berthing and departure requires a high degree of seamanship which is wonderful to watch. 

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