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Top 5 Cruise TV Ads

30 October 2014


With so much competition in the cruise industry, it appears cruise lines are pulling out all the stops to advertise their brand. From magazine spreads to city billboards, it is hard to escape the rapidly increasing industry that has become the number one holiday choice.

The latest trend in the travel industry seems to be television advertisments. Proving to be extremely successful these adverts have the power to convert dreaming minds in front of a TV to the picking up of a phone to book a cruise.

Here are my Top 5…

1. Royal Caribbean – The Sea Is Calling

The 'slightly chessy but works' ad

I love this advert! I think it’s because I know so many people can relate to the stress of everyday life, working hard and dreaming of holidays and how if we close our eyes we can transform into a different world. It is also great for showing the range of activities onboard and how there is something for all ages.

2. Princess Cruises – Memories

The 'emotional' ad

This advert was extremely well planned and really tags at the emotion strings. Although very short, it gets a strong message across of how important memories are to children. Family time is something none of us seem to have enough time for in everyday life, and this advertisement portrays the unforgettable bond you can form with your family on a cruise.

3. P&O Cruises – Time For You

The 'I can relate to this' ad

I do not believe anyone that says this advert does not put a smile on their face – even if it just the tapping of feet to the song! The message here is that everyone needs time to switch off and have fun at some point. Setting the scene of a typical mother and father realising it’s time for them to enjoy themselves again, it makes us all wonder when is it our time?

4. Disney Cruise Line – Captain’s Log Day

The 'I didn't realise that' add

In just 30 seconds this advert tells the story of a Disney cruise. Showing how all ages enjoy a day onboard, it sets the scene for the ultimate family cruise. This advertisement is great for changing the perception that a Disney cruise is just for children and certainly gives a different angle to cruising.

5. Carnival Cruises – Switch On Fun

The 'I wish' ad

Within the first six seconds this advertisement steels your attention as we can all relate to being stuck in traffic in depressing English weather, so we want to see what it is going to be about. At the switch of a button (but in reality, a phone call) you can be swept away to an exotic cruise. Carnival Cruise Lines are all about fun and this TV advert illistrates just that.

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