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Introducing The Top 100 Shore Excursions

04 July 2013

Machu Picchu

Some cruisers might call the ship they sail on the destination. It's certainly true that many ships are a destination in themselves. However, not even the most varied ships can match the glorious, cultural and historic port excursions. With such a range of fascinating adventures our, I've decided to weave together my alltime top 100 cruise excursions.  One hundred sounds like a lot — and it is — but the truth is there's way more out there to visit than you can even count, so I definitely needed all the spaces and didn't have trouble filling a single one!

Here it is: The Top 100 Shore Excursions.

Due to working onboard cruise ships for over five years, I have travelled all over the world and taken lots of excursions, so I am excited to share my favourites with you.

Shore excursions are as much a part of a cruise experience as enjoying the onboard ship amenities.  To enhance the ports that cruise ships call at, they offer a variety of exciting tours.  With excursions becoming increasingly popular, cruise lines are often adding and upgrading their shore excursion programmes.

Cruises take you to fascinating places all over the world and there is so much to be discovered in the ports of call.  From snorkelling, to helicopter rides to historic city tours, cruise lines have every part covered.

There are many benefits of booking a ship-sponsored tour.  First of all you can be assured that the tour provider is licensed and reputable, as cruise lines have to regularly inspect their tours and guides.  If your excursion is late back, the ship will even wait for you if it is booked through the cruise line, which could come in handy!

Arranging your own excursions can be a hassle and you never really know what you are going to get, so arranging them through your cruise line is a more reliable and easy way to book them.  They can often be a better rate through the cruise lines too.  I would advise planning ahead and learn about the ports and what you would like to do (hopefully our Top 100 will give you plenty of ideas!). Take a look at what excursions are offered on your cruise and work out how long they will be, where they will finish and how much time you have at each destination. You can wait to book your excursions whilst you are onboard, however you may find yourself disappointed when the one you wanted has sold out.

Shore excursions really are a great way to explore the amazing ports that cruises go to, most of the excursions allow you to do things that you would not be able to do on your own.  I hope you enjoy my top 100 and they give you some inspiration for your cruise. Go on... it’s time to explore the world!

View: Top 100 Shore Excursions

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