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Types Of Cruisers

23 January 2014

Couple on the Beach

Before I stepped foot on a cruise ship, like many people I had a perception in my head of what the 'typical cruiser' was like.

I always imaged them to be someone who didn’t have a particularly active lifestyle, enjoyed their food and went on a cruise to dress up and eat delicious meals.  I now kick myself for thinking like this, as working onboard ships has proven to me that this could not be further from the truth.

Although cruise lines offer slightly different styles, everyone has the same desire to go on a cruise to have a holiday of a lifetime.  Whether it’s to explore, relax or try new food we all have our own reasons for wanting to take a cruise.

So what type of cruiser are you? I think I have been all of them at some stage!

The First Time Cruiser

"How can my room key be a credit card?"

First time cruisers are fresh faced, excited and ready to take on the cruise world. They can range from young couples to an elderly group of friends, but everybody is looking to try something new.  Regularly found at the Guest Services desk they have an abundance of questions to ask about their new experience. They will normally leave in complete awe of their holiday, already planning their next cruise and eager to share their experience with friends.

The Frequent Cruiser

"I am a Gold member, didn't you know?"

Spending more time on ships than in their own home, these cruisers pride themselves on knowing everything about cruising. Ranked highly in the loyalty clubs they can be spotted wearing signature pins or name badges that recognise their esteemed loyalty. Referring to crew members as 'friends' they normally have a certain cruise line or ship they like to call home.

The Foody Cruiser

"Shall we go to the buffet after dinner?"

Jokes are often made about people going on a cruise to eat, which for most people is not true.  However there are some people that choose to cruise to indulge on delicious meals and tasty treats. Often found eating at least six meals a day, these cruisers do not often leave the ship in port to take advantage of the lunch time buffet!

The Give Me Sun Cruiser

"Steal my sun lounger and I will give you an evil stare until you move"

One of the most common reasons for going on holiday is to escape the cold British weather and thousands of us flock to hot climates and crave that golden tan (that normally turns into a more tomato colour). With an extensive range of sun-drenched destinations accessed yearly on a cruise it gives people the chance to soak up the sun to their hearts content, without having to move far to eat or sleep.  You will find them at their 'personal' sun-bathing spot the entire cruise, often raising early to secure the prime position each day.

The Family Reunion Cruiser

"What do you mean we are not seated together for dinner?"

I love these cruisers! I could not think of a better holiday for the whole family to enjoy together than a cruise. Bursting with love and happiness that shines through them to everyone around.  The younger ones in the children’s club, mum and dad having a couples massage in the spa and nan and granddad taking part in the afternoon trivia, before all reconvening for dinner. Often found laughing and sharing jokes together, they take home a box of family snaps and everlasting memories.

The Explorer Cruiser

"Le'ts book another excursion"

This type of cruiser takes a cruise to explore the world and delve into the destinations visited. Keeping with the traditional reason of going on holiday to learn about new cultures and seek new adventure, you will rarely see them without their camera. Cruising is great for anyone who wants to explore the world with multiple stops in varied destinations in a short period and the range of different excursions available.  These fun loving, storytelling cruisers are great to hang out with.

The Retired Cruiser

"Shall we stay on for another week dear?"

Generally found simply relaxing with a cup of tea and a book, these cruisers spend their retirement funds on cruising, what a great idea! They like the idea of convenient cruise travel without having to worry about flights, hotels, walking and other holiday worries. Causing no hassle they like the thought of having meals cooked for them, meeting new people, watching shows and explorations they have not been able to take due to years of working. You will often find them at the Future Cruise desk booking their next cruise.

The Single Cruiser

"I would never meet these people on land"

Cruising is by far the best holiday for solo travellers and allows them to meet new people in a non-pressured way. With organised activities, joint mealtimes and numerous opportunities to meet people, these cruisers love to share stories and experiences with others.  Often found hanging out with new friends at a bar or simply taking a stroll by themselves, they always have a smile on their face.

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