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Luxury Cruising or Luxury Yachting

16 February 2018

Luxury Yacht

While both a luxury cruise ship and a luxury yacht can offer some incredibly special holidays at sea, there are a number of differences that should be considered by anyone looking for this kind of unique and opulent experience. Of course, in any case, opting for one of the many luxury cruises on offer is the perfect way to treat yourself and a loved one to a holiday that's truly unforgettable.


Despite the fact that many luxury cruise lines have smaller ships than the average ocean liner, they are still generally larger than luxury yachts. This has an impact on the destinations that they travel to – because smaller vessels can dock in some of the world’s smaller and therefore often less visited ports. Holidaymakers who would prefer to see some more intimate and lesser known locations should consider this, and possibly opt for a luxury yacht rather than cruise Size of the Ship.

The ship size also has an impact on the onboard experience. Most luxury yachts will accommodate just a few hundred guests at most, meaning it’s easier to meet new and like-minded people if you’re looking to socialise. It also means that each guest will have plenty of space, and will never have to deal with crowds or queues that you might find on an ocean liner.


The low number of passengers on a luxury yacht also usually means that the crew to guest ratio is high. This is perfect for those who enjoy a little pampering and superb attentive service, because there is almost always someone available to help make your experience the best it can be. On both a luxury cruise ship and a luxury yacht you can expect highly detailed, personalised service - from waiters remembering your favourite dessert, to the staff knowing your name.  If you’re looking for even higher exclusivity however, it is possible to hire some yachts for private charter. SeaDream for instance allow you to rent the entire vessel for up to 112 guests, and offer incredible features like 1 to 1 guest to staff ratio, and the option to customize your itinerary.

Ship Features

In addition to beautifully decorated rooms and lavish furnishings, luxury yachts and cruise ships often boast  some wonderful onboard features. Not only are there likely to be well-designed lounges, bars, restaurants, and libraries, you might find facilities for water-sports such as snorkelling, water-skiing, windsurfing, and jet-skiing, a menu of health and wellness classes, and some world-class entertainment.

Try a Luxury Yacht Cruise with SeaDream Yacht Club

SeaDream Yacht Club is a stunning luxury yacht line that offers some fantastic sailing opportunities. The fleet comprises two sister yachts, simply named SeaDream I and II. Each of these boast 56 all-ocean view staterooms, meaning that the number of guests will not exceed 112.  And with 95 crew members onboard, the impressive level of service will not be a surprise. Each vessel is all inclusive, and equipped with the following;

• Watersports Marina Platform

• Balinese Dream Bed Loungers

• Golf Simulator

• Yoga Classes

• Pool

• Live Music

• Poolside Movie Screen

• Casino

• Piano Bar

• Library

SeaDream Yacht Club host some brilliant shore excursions as part of their SeaDream Yachting Land Adventures programme. These are included in the price of the cruise, and can vary from bike and Segway tours, to trips to a local market or scenic walk. Groups are kept small in order to ensure that everyone has the optimum experience.

Take a look at our range of SeaDream cruises.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a particular destination such as cruises to Greece, you can explore our collection of luxury Greek Island cruises, or head over to our luxury cruise deals page to see all of the luxury cruises that are on offer.

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