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Is This Princess Cruises' Newest Ship?

22 February 2013

Pacific Princess

Richard Downs, Iglu's CEO, last week witnessed the unveiling of a new ship as part of the Carnestoltes carnival parade, at the annual festival in the Catalan town of Premia de Dalt, just north of Barcelona. Could this be the prototype for a new line of Princess ships?

The ship, named Pacific Princess — nicknamed the Love Boat — was created by the local school as an integral part of the carnival parade. The kids followed the ship in full nautical wear and the parents followed dressed as cruise customers — adopting the '70s fashion from the original iconic TV series 'Love Boat', which was filmed onboard the original Pacific Princess.

Cruise buffs may remember that the Ruby Princess, launched in 2008, was named by 'Love Boat' Captain, Gavin MacLeod.  'Love Boat', the series, was a big hit not only in English speaking countries, it was a huge hit in Catalonia.

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