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Cruise Blues? 10 Ways To Recover After Your Cruise

26 February 2014

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I write lots of blogs about cruising, but it came to my attention today that we all spend a-lot of time focusing on what we do before a cruise, whilst choosing a cruise and when onboard…but what about when it's over?

You have spent weeks, months or even a whole year dreaming about this cruise and unfortunately it can  be tempting to slip into the 'cruise blues' when your feet reach home.

A cruise gives you a holiday of a lifetime, creates everlasting memories and takes you on a much-needed escape, so for many people like myself, arriving home is the worst part of a cruise holiday. So to get you back on your feet, here are my top 10 tips to fighting the cruise blues...

1.  Unpack right away – Unpacking is the tedious part of a holiday, but trust me (someone who has spent the majority of my life living out of suitcases) do not leave it! Upon returning, have a cup of tea and get to the unpacking.  Once it is complete you will not have to stare at suitcases overcrowding your living room - remember you do not have a room attendant anymore that will do it for you! You are only going to feel sadder about being home if you are reminded by suitcases, piles of washing and the inconvenience of having to delve through bags to find your toiletries.

2.  Spend some time in the kitchen – Still have the taste of exquisite food in your mouth? Wish you had your own chef at home to make you meals like you had onboard? Now is the time to don your apron, experiment with food and try to recreate some of your favourite dishes of the cruise. My tip would be to buy a recipe book onboard. Most cruise lines sell cookery books that feature their best onboard recipes to enable guests to take the tastes of their cruise home with them.

3.  Buy a photo album – I suspect you will have taken lots of photographs during your cruise, well I hope you did! Have your pictures printed (apologies if this sounds slightly old fashioned) and display them in a photo album or scrap book. Have the album with you when you meet up with friends and family, pictures are the best way to share memories.

4.  Invest in some luxurious bedding – Did you have the best sleep you’ve ever had while you were away? However many pillows and blankets you add to your bed at home, it just does not feel the same as the bed you had onboard. Purchasing some comforters to add to your mattress and some fresh linen smelling fabric softer will hopefully help recreate your onboard bed.

5.  Treat every day of the week the same – When on a cruise it is normal to forget what day of the week it is and we all know what a great feeling that is. Not having to worry if you need to get up for work in the morning or not, perfect! Although this is hard to do in everyday life, try not to count days until Friday and live every day as though you enjoy it as much as the weekend.

6.  Relive the memories – Everyone loves to talk about their holiday when they get back so make sure you share your cruise experience with friends, family and work colleagues. Talking about it will enable you to reminisce on the trip even more and relive those special moments.

7.  Try something new – Did you dare a new adventure on your cruise - snorkel, rock climb or even try a new food? Why only do this when you are away? With a sense of venture after your holiday, it is the perfect time for you to delve into something new. It could be learning a new language, take up a new hobby or simply making the effort to take an hour out of your day for some 'me' time. A cruise should not be the only time you do things you have always wanted to.

8.  Bring the sounds of the sea home – If only we could just step out of our bedroom onto a balcony and breathe in the fresh sea air, but unfortunately most of us do not have this. Even if you have a large pond or river in your back garden, it’s just not going to cut it! The calming sound of the sea can stimulate the senses and lift your spirits so I think purchasing some 'calming sea' music is a great idea.

9.  Stay connected with the cruise world – Just because your cruise is over it doesn’t mean you cannot join in the fun. Talking about experiences with other cruisers can be as entertaining as talking to others onboard and is a great way of sharing opinions. Writing reviews, joining forums and engaging on social media are great ways to give you a constant cruise fix.

10. Have another cruise to look forward to –We all function better in life when we have something to look forward to. After coming back from a cruise I guarantee you are already dreaming about your next one. If you did not already book your next one on onboard (this is a great idea by the way) then start planning now. With low deposits and early booking offers, you should definitely think about your next one as soon as possible and enjoy thinking about it every day :-)

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