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A Guide to MSC Cruises Drinks Packages

18 March 2024

MSC guests enjoying Champagne

Have you recently booked an MSC Cruises getaway? Then you might be interested in purchasing an MSC Cruises’ drinks package that you can use throughout your cruise holiday. With five drinks packages to choose from, including the Minors Package, Alcohol-Free Package, Easy Package, Easy Plus Package and Premium Extra Package, they have options for all budgets and tastes.

Keep reading to find out what’s included in each package, the prices and more useful information you can use to help you decide which MSC Cruises’ drinks package is right for you. 


The Minors Package

If you are travelling with children aged 3-17 on a European cruise or 3-20 on a Caribbean/American cruise this drinks package is a great option. With this package, they can take advantage of a wide range of soft drinks. It can be used in the buffet restaurant, main restaurant, private islands and in the bars. It can't, however, be used in the speciality restaurants (unless the child’s family has purchased either the Premium Extra or Easy Plus Package). 

Fruit juice
Fruit juice

Prices from: £13 per person, per day. 

The Minors Package onboard MSC Cruises includes:

However, the following are not included in the Minors Drinks Package: 

Minors Package Terms and Conditions:

It must be purchased for all guests under 18 that are travelling with adults who have also purchased a drinks package.

The Alcohol-Free Package

The second drinks package option available on MSC Cruises ships is the alcohol-free option. With this drinks package, you can take advantage of a wide selection of soft drinks, alongside mocktails, soft serve ice cream and more. 


Prices from: £19 per person, per day. 

The Alcohol-Free Drinks Package includes: 

However, the following are not included in the Alcohol-Free Drinks Package: 

The Alcohol-free package is also available to guests aged 13-20. 

The Easy Package

The third type of drinks package available on MSC Cruises’ getaway is the Easy Package. With the Easy Package, you can not only take advantage of soft drinks, but a range of alcoholic options. 


Prices from: £35 per person, per day. 

The Easy Package includes the following drinks:

However, the following aren’t included in the Easy Package:

The Easy Plus Package

If you’re looking for an upgraded option to your Easy Package, the Easy Plus Package is a great option. With a larger selection of cocktails, wines, beers and more, this is a very popular choice for those looking for a more inclusive drinks package to use throughout their voyage. The Easy Plus Package can also be used in speciality restaurants onboard. 

A glass of beer
A glass of beer

Prices from: £48 per person, per day. 

With the Easy Plus Package, you can enjoy the following drinks on your cruise:

However, the following aren’t included in the Easy Plus Package:

The Premium Extra Package 

And finally, we have the Premium Extra Package. The most inclusive package available on a MSC Cruises’ getaway, with this package, you’ll be able to indulge in a variety of alcoholic beverages (including the likes of Champagne and premium cocktails), alongside soft drinks. You’ll also be able to benefit from exclusive discounts. The Premium Extra Package can also be used in speciality restaurants. 

Selection of drinks
Selection of drinks

Prices from: £66 per person, per day. 

MSC Cruises’ Premium Extra Package includes the following, alongside the selection of soft drinks listed in the previous packages:

MSC Cruises’ Drinks Packages FAQs

We’ve rounded up the top MSC Cruises’ drinks packages FAQs to help answer any of the top questions you might have. 

Glasses of wine
Glasses of wine

Are drinks packages available on all MSC Cruises’ sailings? 

Drinks packages are available on all MSC Cruises’ ships, except for ships that are sailing out of China and South Africa. 

Are drinks all the same across MSC Cruises’ sailings?

Brands and the selection of drinks can vary depending on the destinations and the time of year that you’re sailing. 

How do I book a MSC Cruises’ drinks package?

You can pre-purchase your drinks package as part of your booking with Iglu Cruise. Alternatively, you can log into your MSC for Me app and add on the drinks package you want after booking. 

Can you use your drinks package on MSC Cruises’ Ocean Cay Marine Reserve?

All drinks packages can be used on MSC Cruises’ private island resort, as well as on stop-offs at Sir Bani Yas. Please be advised that they might not have the entire selection of drinks in either destination. 

Which drinks packages can be used in the onboard speciality restaurants?

Whilst you can use all drinks packages in the main restaurants, bars and buffet restaurants, the only drinks packages that can be used in the onboard speciality restaurants are the Easy Plus Package and the Premium Extra Package. 

Can you upgrade your MSC Cruises’ drinks package?

You can upgrade your drinks package on the MSC for Me app. 

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