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10 Ways To Spend Onboard Credit

21 November 2014

Onboard Shopping

Updated July 2018

There is so much included in the price of a cruise, so why is the promotion of onboard credit always so appealing to everyone?

For those of you who do not know what onboard credit is, it's a set value of credit added to your account, which you can use freely onboard. You will not need to activate it, everything will be set up before you board so it is ready to spend as you wish.

The best thing about onboard credit is that you can spend it exactly how you want, it enables you to truly treat yourself and you can perhaps use your credit on things that maybe you couldn't justify if it was coming from your pocket.


Whether you are a frequent drinker or not, a cruise is a perfect opportunity to quench your thirst with a liquid treat. Cocktail, champagne, beer, wine or a virgin drink, everyone loves to excite their taste buds with new flavours whilst on holiday.

Using your onboard credit for drinks is a great way to keep your bill to a minimum as you can forget how many drinks you are purchasing!

Speciality Dining

A cruise truly takes you on a culinary journey like nowhere else. Most ships will have every type of cuisine available, from Chinese to Mexican and buffets to premium cuisine. During a cruise, you will have the choice of both complimentary and charged dining.

Speciality restaurants are the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion or treat yourself and using your onboard credit for delicious food is always a winner!


The shops onboard cruise ships of today are as extensive as the shopping centres on land and you can buy almost anything on a cruise. From handbags to jewellery, to souvenirs and clothing, it is a shopping haven…especially to those with some onboard credit!

Whether shopping for someone back home or treating yourself, you are sure to find something you 'just have to have'.

Spa Treatments

Cruise line spas are among the best in the world with luxurious areas and award-winning treatments. The extensive treatment menus have everything from massages, facials, botox and weight loss treatments.

A holiday is about taking some time for you so what better way to spend your onboard credit than a treatment you have always dreamt of?


Some would say one way to make memories more special is being able to capture them to share. A cruise makes it impossible to forget any moment as their friendly photographers will be there to snap every last smile.

As soon as you look at every picture you are going to want to purchase them all so having some onboard credit to take life-changing memories home with you is a huge bonus.


Excursions offer the ultimate way to experience the fascinating destinations you will visit during your cruise. Whether you want to relax, explore or learn, there will be a range of excursions in every port for everyone.

The demand for excursions is high and they can be pricey so using your onboard credit for this is a great idea.


Do you ever feel lucky when you are on holiday? Whether you have a professional gaming hand or you want to try your luck for the first time, cruise ship casinos are definitely a fun place to visit. Even watching other people play can be a new experience to those who have never been in a casino and the exciting atmosphere is one that cannot be found anywhere else.

Some cruise lines allow guests to use onboard credit in the casinos - be sure to check this with your specific cruise line.


Some cruise lines include the gratuities in their cruise price but for most, you have the option of paying them onboard. Gratuities are a way for you to express your thanks to the attentive crew members who will be helping you throughout your time onboard.

You can ask for your gratuities to be taken from your onboard account, therefore using your onboard credit for this can be an option if you wish.


Almost all activities onboard are complimentary, however, there are a few activities that require an extra charge such as private Flowrider lessons onboard Royal Caribbean, wine tasting or cookery classes.

A cruise is a perfect time to try something new or experience something you would not attempt any other time. Having onboard credit is a great excuse to push your adrenalin or learn something new.


If you are someone who likes to stay connected, your bill can creep quite high during a cruise. Slower internet speed and high costs can make using the internet quite daunting on a cruise. Using your onboard credit to update social media, chat with friends at home or find out the latest news can be extremely helpful.

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