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10 Things You Will Say During A Cruise

04 February 2014

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Updated April 2017

Whether on your first cruise or one hundredth cruise, there are some things that will not change. Although we all have different opinions about what we do and don't enjoy onboard, we share more in common than you think.

During my years at sea, people never failed to make me smile with their comments, even if I had heard them time and time again.

With this in mind I have compiled a list of 10 things I almost guarantee you will say during your cruise.

1. "Wow" – Every time you go on a cruise there will be something that will surprise you once again.  Whether it’s a new show, something you taste or the fascination of a new destination.

2. "Shall we grab a snack?" – Everyone loves the food on a cruise ship, whether you like experiencing new dishes or prefer to stick to your typical three meals a day, I am sure at one point the temptation of a fresh cake or hot slice of pizza will take over.

3. "I can’t believe this is on a ship" -  The range of amenities available on cruise ships are incredible, from ice rinks to robot bars and from surf simulators to virtual balconies, anything is possible. However many cruises you have been on, you will still find something that will challenge your understanding of the possibilities at sea.

4. "The crew are so happy all the time" – With crew members working onboard for seven months straight without a day off, it never effects the level of impeccable service they give.  Each one of them will make a lasting impression on you at some point.

5. "What day is it?" – One I always used to get asked when I was a crew member, but we didn’t even know! When you are on a cruise you do not go by days of the week, but by day 1, 2, 3 etc. I am almost certain at some point you will ask to be reminded of normality.

6.  "There is so much to do" – The amount there is to do on a cruise never fails to surprise people. From the range of cuisine, the incredible shows to the array of activities, there is always something going on and planning your time may be necessary.

7. "Lets meet up again" – The great thing about cruising is the people you come across.  Meeting lifelong friends is something many people acquire during a cruise and often ends up in arranging another cruise adventure together.

8.  "Shall we explore tomorrow or stay onboard?" – Even if you go on a cruise to explore the array of destinations it has to offer, I bet at some stage you will consider not leaving the ship in order to take full advantage on what’s onboard.

9.  "I never knew that" – Different people, different cultures, different destinations, different perspectives and different experiences all lead to educational insights into the world we live in. A cruise will take you on a cultural journey to some of the world's most fasinating destinations.

10. "Where shall we cruise next?" – Yes, cruising can be a fun addiction.  Once you have been on one you are sure going to want to go on another one!

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By Sally Grimes

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