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Which Cruiser Are You?

Our results showed that 25% of cruisers think that culture is the most important part of their holiday. Armed with a travel book on every destination, and signing up for all the guided tours, the Culture Vulture is on a mission to conquer every city and attend every themed talk - just like the 46% who said ports of call were the highlight of their trip. The Culture Vulture is always taking snaps to show their loved ones back home, and buying local and authentic souvenirs to remember their experiences in new destinations - as well as the obligatory postcard for the fridge. These guys always know how to ask for the bill in any country they visit and love a historic ruin or two.


Just like 55% of cruisers on our survey, the Deck Devotee loves the ship and everything that there is to do onboard. They sign up for all the activities and might not even leave the ship when in port - after all, everything they want is there, from the slides and pool to the shows and restaurants. With 25% saying on-board activities are their favourite part of the cruising experience, these Deck Devotees are on first name terms with the climbing wall supervisor they’ve been on so many times. It doesn’t matter where they are in the world either, with 22% claiming the ship IS the destination! The life and soul of the onboard fun, this cruiser is always getting stuck into the activities, whether it’s a lecture from a guest speaker or their turn to take the mic at karaoke.


Just like the massive 61% who said free Wi-Fi was the greatest cruising innovation, the Social Media Gurus are a growing band of cruisers surfing their way around their chosen destinations. Armed with the latest mobile phones, tablets, and cameras, the Social Media Guru is online and ready to get stuck in to the action. From bloggers reviewing all the amazing destinations they visit, to folk just wanting to keep in touch with their loved ones back home, the Social Media Guru never misses a photo opportunity. Often seen taking selfies by the pool (#cocktails #cruising4life) or vlogging about their amazing trip, these guys just want to save the memory and share the fun.


Often travelling with their partners, like 65% of our survey participants, the Romantic cruisers want the old-school cruising experience that they know and love from the movies. They could be newly-weds, long-time cruisers, or couples looking to get away from it all and spoil themselves with a bit of luxury. Just like the 17% who said ‘atmosphere’, and 25% who said ‘food and service’ are at the top of the list of what’s important when cruising, they love the opulent décor in the atrium, white glove service, exquisite meals, drinks and good conversation with fellow passengers. The Romantic often prefers hotter climes and makes the most of the lifestyle onboard with a luxurious spa session as they drift across the Mediterranean Sea.


Our survey revealed that for 48% of cruisers, deals and value for money are the most important factors when booking a cruise. These Savvy Savers come in all shapes and forms, from quietly content in the knowledge they got a great deal, to proudly giving tips to anyone who asks (and a few who don’t) on how to get the best price. Meanwhile, others who are far from discrete can be heard loudly commenting, ‘why should we pay for food in port when we can grab an extra roll at breakfast!?’ When not hitting the buffet bar these guys are often seen making the most of their cruise by turning up to all the free activities and lectures onboard. The other, perhaps more seasoned sailor, is looking at the bigger picture. Just like 86% of our survey participants, they’re members of the loyalty club and know all about how to cut costs in advance - such as the smart 46% of cruisers who have email subscriptions to receive information about the latest deals.


Often preferring cooler climes and, like 45% of our survey, a smaller boat, these guys have the spirit of adventure in true Columbus style. Dressing for the occasion, with sensible shoes for clambering the Rockies or toasty thermals for polar bear spotting in the Arctic, the Expeditionist has their Attenborough book in one hand and binoculars in the other. With 40% saying they had been on a ‘cold cruise,’ and 29% stating that they wish to go, these Bear Grylls-esque cruisers are real nature lovers, drinking in the breath-taking views of the shoreline like a warm mug of tea, with eyes peeled for whales and rare birds. These guys love getting stuck in on excursions such as dog-sledding in Alaska or snorkelling off the Galapagos Islands.