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The Iglu awards for this category go to the most deserving foodie bloggers. We've found some of the greatest material on the subject of food - not just food travel but also recipes, travelling with food and exotic meats.

Turn on the television and there is a very high chance that there will be a cookery programme on; request some sort of recipe on Google and there are too many to choose from; go to a supermarkert and you will not be able to avoid a celebrity chef's face beaming at you from a cardboard cut out. Wherever we look we are inundated with the next big thing in food, no doubt made using regional, seasonal produce and probably putting a modern twist on a traditional dish. But if you want to get away from the crowd and explore some truly delightful culinary expertise, let these blogs be your guide. Because the blogosphere has become saturated with stale ideas and amateur recipes, we have sifted through the lumps to leave you with the most refined travel-foodie writing the internet can provide.

The Iglu team are proud to present the following as exemplary food writers. It's a difficult and competitive sector to get into, but these contributors have got it absolutely right. Good food writing is difficult to perfect so we have nothing but respect for the people who have won the Iglu awards in this category.

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