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Ireland blogs

Iglu Awards are designed so that people who work hard at achieving greatness are not left without acknowledgment. The recipients from this section have demonstrated that the journey to Ireland doesn't start with a ferry, it starts with a top-notch blog and some first-hand accounts of Ireland's attractions.

Come to Ireland. We've all been to France or Spain, but we always forget that there's a country on our doorstep which needs to be explored. There's a fairly well-trodden tourist trail around parts of the country, which is terrific if you want to consume copious amounts of Guinness or indulge in Dublin's party atmosphere. Obviously the Guinness brewery should feature quite high on any itinerary, but there's a lot more to the country than that. Hundreds of whiskey distilleries are just aching to be discovered, while the sports and leisure industry is worth a few days on its own. Experience the food, the booze, and the people on this wonderful island.

We've nailed this category. The Irish are a special breed, which seems to have come through in these blogs. There's something about the fierceness of their relaxed attitude that lures travellers to their island, and keeps them coming back holiday after holiday. As far as the Iglu experts are concerned, the craic starts here.

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