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Scarpa Rebel GTX Carbon Mountaineering Boots

Cost: £349 Usability:

When it comes to trekking and mountaineering, the boots are the most important pieces of equipment to get right. When it comes to mountaineering boots, design is everything. They have to allow the right amount of support, while allowing the foot enough agility and protection. Ideally, you want a boot that has been designed by somebody that knows the demands of the climber, and Scarpa couldn't have found anyone more suitable to design their rebel GTX boots if they tried. The boot's designer is no other than Ueli Steck, the man who climbed the north face of the Eiger in a record 2 hours, 47 minutes; an incredible achievement when you consider the first attempts of the notorious face took over a week.


  • Lightweight design – less than 3lbs. per pair
  • Crampon compatible
  • Carbon fiber insole


Designed by mountaineering ace Ueli Steck; enough said.


Doesn't have the same supportive feel as rival boots on the market


PHD Omega Down JacketPHD Omega Down Jacket

Cost: £590 Usability:

Many outdoor jackets can leave you frosty, but one designed for Antarctic conditions and favoured by intrepid South Pole explorers should be good enough for most people. The jacket, by PH Designs, was worn by explorers Andy Kirkpatrick and Ranulph Fiennes as it’s designed to maintain body temperatures at minus 50°C (-67°F) and keep out Antarctic wind chill through its careful use of no-stitch seams and fully taped outer shell.

Design specifications:

  • Down quality: 800
  • HS2 outer fabric
  • Weight: 51oz
  • Operating Temperature: -55°C (-67°F)


No other jacket provides as much cold protection.


Available in any color so long as it's orange.


Tree TentTreetent: the Hanging Tent

Cost: $50,000 Usability:

Two-man tents can be quite dour and unadventurous. Furthermore, sleeping on a hard floor is perhaps not the best way to get a good night's sleep. However, thanks to Dutch designer Dre Wapenaar, you can literally sleep with the birds and allow the wind to rock you to sleep. The Treetent is not designed for your casual backpacker, though, as it has a hardwood floor and fitted a round bed that can comfortably sleep two. At 13 feet in height, it is used by suspending it from a tree, but don't worry about getting in and out, as it comes with its own adjustable landing steps. It has even been rumored that Victoria Beckham has bought one, so if you are tempted, all you need for your own Treetent is the asking price of $50,000.


  • 9 inch hardwood floor
  • Comfortable round bed
  • Designed by a leading Dutch designer Dre Wapenaar


The unique design makes other tents look dull by comparison.


It costs $50,000!


Bioflex comfort backpackBerghaus Bioflex Comfort Fit 70 Backpack

Cost: £200 Usability:

For most people, the main criteria for buying a backpack is how much stuff it will hold, but as anybody that has done any serious hiking will tell you, when it comes to backpacks, comfort is everything. While you can try a rucksack on in a store, you just won't know how much discomfort it will cause until you've done some miles with it on; however, at Berghaus, they have designed their range of Bioflex backpacks with ergonomic precision to ensure they are the most comfortable on the market. The Bioflex adjustable back length system, innovative hyper link hipbelt, cross load frame, height adjustable chest harness, and tension and compression straps, are guaranteed to provided the perfect fit, regardless of body size or shape.


  • 15-liter capacity
  • Comfort and fit guarantee
  • Removable lid that converts into a fanny pack
  • Concealed rain cover


A guaranteed fit should make hiking and trekking a lot easier.


Only one capacity available of 15 liters, which is a touch on the small side for most serious trekkers.


henk suitcaseHenk Suitcases

Cost: $20,000 Usability:

If you've ever stood at the airport carousel embarrassed about your luggage, you might well want to consider a Henk suitcase. Nothing else comes even close. Not only are all their cases handmade, but their design is truly remarkable. Dutch designer Henk wanted to create the perfect traveling suitcase that was functional, practical, stylish and efficient, and he certainly succeeded. The design and technology employed by Henk is just remarkable. Each case has several different compartments that pull out and fit together with microscopic precision. The cases also feature titanium, magnesium and carbon fiber in their makeup, which makes them incredibly light and well balanced.


  • Telescopic handle, designed to accommodate hanging a jacket
  • Perfect center of gravity makes it feel weightless when being pushed
  • Lockers for small valuables
  • Central locking system
  • Removable wall to separate business and private items
  • Retractable shock absorbing wheel system


A work of art on wheels. Absolutely beautiful


With a price tag well over $20,000, you'll need to do a lot of traveling to warrant the cost.


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