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self driving cars

Photo: © General Motors

Although we’re still waiting on those flying cars and personal jet packs, the technology which moves us from A to B has exceeded even our wildest projections in so many ways.

In celebration of the technological advances that have seen us go boldly where no man has gone before, Iglu is proud to unveil its Travel and Tech Report for 2012.

We have selected what we consider to be the pinnacle of travel innovations today, take a look at some of the finest examples of travel integrating beautifully with technology. 

Terrawind Amphibious RVWithin our report you will find:
1) The greatest travel gadgets available on the market right now
2) The most innovative apps ever to hit smart phones
3) Travel gear you'll wish you owned
4) Mind blowing destinations and experiences
5) The companies making great strides and driving the industry forward
6) The amazing technological advancements in transport

Take a look and be amazed at how we can look forward to traveling in the future.