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Underground Rock Salt Cathedral in Poland

From Dave of The Longest Way Home

“Visit a giant underground cityscape from the 13th century!

“Wieliczka Salt Mine is located a few kilometres south of Krakow city center. There are numerous tours to the area. Or, you can simply get on a local mini van.

“Inside the rock salt mine, tours are – however - mandatory. But, it's probably a good thing as you will need to descend over 100 meters into the mine shaft and explore parts of its 300km long tunnels. About 4km is actually covered, but it's one of the most amazing underground sights on earth.

“Over the course of several hundred years, miners carved out depictions of their lives underground in Wieliczka. From life sized rock salt sculptures to giant caverns. One of which is a huge cathedral with vivid wall carvings that show scenes from the bible.

“You won't have been the only person to have gone into the mines though. You'll be in good company if you visit, as people such as Pope John Paul II, Lord Baden-Powell and Bill Clinton have all visited this amazing mine.”